When are the 2024 Gardel Awards and who are all the nominated artists?

When are the 2024 Gardel Awards and who are all the nominated artists?
When are the 2024 Gardel Awards and who are all the nominated artists?


Golden Gardel


Album of the year

Hotel Miranda!Miranda!

song of the year

“Obsession”, Lali

Record of the year

“The magic wheel”, Fito Páez feat. Andrés Calamaro & Getting to know Russia

recording engineering

Scaleelectric, interpreter: Escalandrum; engineer: Facundo Rodríguez

Best Quartet Album

The Lbc grinding wheelEugenia Quevedo & La Banda de Carlitos

Best Folklore Artist Album

Songs of the windMaggie Cullen

Best Rock Artist Album

Lebon HeritageDavid Lebon

Best tango album

The tango singerGuillermo Fernandez

Best Pop Artist Album


Best Traditional Pop Artist Album

A lifetimeDany Martin

Best Urban Pop Artist Album


Best Tropical Artist Album

Because I love youNico Mattioli

Best Film/Television/Audiovisual Production Soundtrack Album

The Last of Us, season 1Gustavo Santaolalla

Best author song album

The face of the cliffsLisandro Aristimuno

Best Concept Album

Mercedes blossomedMercedes Sosa

Best chamamé album

Scents of timeFlor Bobadilla Oliva and Abel Tesoriere

best jazz album


Best classical music album

Two centuries of music / Argentine composers: Volume 2Melina Marcos

best reggae album

Ska Beat City sings JamaicaSka Beat City

Best Heavy Rock Album


Best live album

Divided in Vélez – Thank you and continueDivided

Best Alternative Folk Album

Happiness candiesThe Tabaleros

Best quartet album

Up the palmsCachumba

Best folklore group album


Best Rock Group Album

super horrorHe Killed a Motorized Police Officer

Best Pop Group Album

Hotel Miranda!Miranda!

Best Tropical Group Album

Los Charros 30 yearsThe charros

Best children’s album

To know that I love youCantiquantic

Best instrumental album-fusion-world music

Best electronic music album


Best Tango and/or Instrumental Orchestra and/or Group Album

ScarsBlack Quintet La Boca

Best Alternative Pop Album

Naphtha IINaphtha

Best Alternative Rock Album

Tripolaryou point it out to me

Best urban album

SoulNicki Nicole

Best quartet song

“La morocha”, Luck Ra & Bm

Best folklore song

“Eternal dance”, Mery Murúa

Best urban pop song

“Shakira: Bzrp music sessions, vol. 53″, Bizarrap & Shakira

best pop song

“Better than yesterday”, Diego Torres

best rock song

“Saint Jumper”, Divided

best tango song

“Scars”, Black Quintet La Boca

Best tropical song

“Addicted”, Emanero, La K’onga & Antonio Ríos

Best urban song

“Fruto”, Bizarrap and Milo J

Best collaboration

“Shakira: Bzrp music sessions, vol. 53″, Bizarrap and Shakira

Best urban collaboration

“Los del Espacio”, Lit Killah, Duki, Emilia, Tiago PZK, FMK, Rusherking, María Becerra and Big One

Best catalog collection

The Man Who Sings to the Man (1964 – Remastered)Ramón Ayala The Menu

Best cover design

333, performer: Evlay; designer: Paula Fernández

Best new artist

111Milo J

Best short video clip

“Who are they?”, interpreter: Lali; director: Lali

Best long video clip

Hotel Miranda!, interpreter: Miranda!; Director: Melanie Anton Def

Producer of the year

111, performer: Milo J; producer: Facundo Yalve


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