After the final arguments are presented, the trial against Donald Trump enters the final stretch

After the final arguments are presented, the trial against Donald Trump enters the final stretch
After the final arguments are presented, the trial against Donald Trump enters the final stretch

After the final arguments are presented, the trial against Donald Trump enters the final stretch (REUTERS)

The trial against the former president donald trump in which he is accused of hiding a sexual scandal within the framework of his 2016 electoral campaign entered the final stretch this Tuesday after the presentation of the final arguments of the case. Thus, jurors are expected to begin deliberations as soon as this Wednesday.

This Tuesday’s day was the last of six weeks full of intense debates and the passing of multiple witnesses.

The prosecutor Joshua Steinglass The accusatory party took the floor to reaffirm the arguments and statements obtained throughout the process, and counteract the declarations of innocence of the businessman’s defense. “This case is, at its core, about a conspiracy and a concealment”, he began saying.

He then referred to this intention and warned of the effects it could have had on the conduct of the elections that year, in which Trump was the winner. “We will never know if this effort to mislead voters made a difference in the 2016 election.”

Steinglass told jurors that it was a case of “cover-up” and recalled witness statements (REUETRS)

Also, he recalled the statements of the porn actress herself Stormy Danielswho claimed to have held meetings with Trump and to have received the money in question, and maintained that “his story (…) makes people feel uncomfortable listening to it, that is the exposure to the American people that the accused wanted to avoid.” ”.

Finally, Steinglass asked the jury to “disconnect from the noise and ignore the distractions” presented by the other party since “strong evidence has been presented of the guilt of the accused”. This is “not a referendum of ideas about Trump or about who they plan to vote for in 2024″, he closed.

Meanwhile, the lawyer Todd Blanche He insisted on his client’s innocence and assured that he was a case with “a simple and quick verdict of not guilty.” “Trump is innocent,” summarized.

His intervention was based mainly on attacking Michael CohenTrump’s former lawyer, who claimed to have made the payments to Daniels by order of the businessman himself “to to ensure that the story did not come to light and affect his chances of becoming president of the United States.”as he maintained on the stand.

The money, he added, was reimbursed to him under the heading of “legal fees.”

Blanche accused Cohen of having lied in his statement (REUTERS)

However, Blanche claimed that Cohen “told them a number of things from the witness stand that were pure and simple lies”. “They cannot convict Trump of any crime beyond a reasonable doubt based on Cohen’s word,” he continued, stating that his client was not aware of the refunds since, by then, He was “busy running the country” and sometimes he “looked at the receipts and invoices and sometimes he didn’t.”

“There was no intent to commit fraud and, beyond that, there was no conspiracy to influence the 2016 election by Trump. There was no crime“He said in an attempt to reverse the Prosecutor’s words.

Blanche also asked the magistrates not to send Trump to prison if they found him guilty, something that Judge Juan M. Merchan considered “inappropriate” and, therefore, should be ignored. “In his deliberations he cannot discuss, consider, or even speculate on issues relating to sentencing or punishment,” he explained.

In the midst of these intersections, Trump, true to his style, added more controversies. On his Truth social network, the former president wrote that he felt “BORED!” due to the extension of the tax arguments, which lasted more hours than expected given that the judge sought to ensure that the presentations were not interrupted.

Likewise, upon leaving the court he declared that “This is a very dangerous day for the United States, it is a very sad day. “This case should never have happened.”.

Meanwhile, at the entrance to the New York court Robert DeNiro maintained a public intervention in which he accused the businessman of trying “destroy the country and, eventually, the world.” “The Twin Towers fell here (…) We swore that we would not allow terrorists to change our way of life (…) Donald Trump wants to destroy the city, the country and, eventually, the world,” he said.

Robert De Niro confronted Trump supporters in New York and said that the former president “wants to destroy” the United States

“It is necessary to stop it once and for all (…) If he returns to the White House, our freedoms and democratic guarantees will disappear because he will never leave (the White House)”he added.

Now, Trump is awaiting the final verdict, which will be announced after the deliberation that would begin this Wednesday. If a consensus is not achieved, the trial should be repeated and, if he is found guilty, the businessman could still appeal and his candidacy for November would in no way be affected.

While falsifying accounting documents is punishable by up to four years in prison in New York State, it is unlikely that you will be given that sentence because you have no prior record.

(With information from AFP, AP, EFE and Reuters)

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