Weather TODAY Guadalajara: Showers expected in AMG in the last week of May

Weather TODAY Guadalajara: Showers expected in AMG in the last week of May
Weather TODAY Guadalajara: Showers expected in AMG in the last week of May

The shower recorded yesterday in the AMG It was not atypical, explained the Master, Armando González Figueroa, Operational Meteorologist of the Institute of Astronomy and Meteorology (YO SOY) of the UdeGwho assured that it was due to a change in the anticyclonic system.

The change of direction taken by the anticyclonic system located on the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area which moved away towards the northeast of Jalisco, caused humidity to enter the AMG area and with it the creation of clouds and some showers on the night of this may 27tha situation that will continue in the coming days of this last week of the month.

However, high temperatures will continue with the arrival of the month of June because another anticyclonic system is approaching that will prevent the creation of cloudiness, he assured. Gonzalez Figueroa.

“Today and tomorrow there is a probability of rain, some very isolated showers, maybe it will be in Tlaquepaque, maybe in Zapopan, because it is seen that there will be in the central region, but it is not known where it will go. to fall, but we have these rains that are not part of the season,” the IAM researcher clarified that this cloudiness does not correspond to this year’s rainy season.

The expert also anticipated that the rainy season this year will have low water density and expects it to arrive after June 10, “The rains begin on June 10, 12, 15, the models indicate that the rainy period will be delayed or that they will have a deficit, perhaps they are not very intense rains but it is seen that this pattern appears in the models ”reported Armando González Figueroa.

The drought and low density of rainfall already foresees effects in the country, for example, the Agricultural Markets Consulting Group (GCMA) announced that the bean harvest will be reduced in the country and one of the reasons is the drought expected for this year, although the lack of seed and credit to farmers will also play a role.

Only in production for the Spring-Summer 2024 cycle is a drop in 10% with respect to the previous year.

For its part, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (SADER Jalisco) received this year more than 19 thousand requests of agricultural and livestock producers to obtain support to overcome the drought they suffered in 2023.

According to the researcher, the storm is not encouraging, however he assured that for now the other regions that will experience cloudiness and showers with the Altos and Ciénega region, although also according to the lAM data they will have temperatures between 35 and 37 degrees Celsius.

SIAPA, for its part, recommends to citizens avoid wasting water by watering the pavement and asks to take care of water by watering plants at night, recycling water from washing machines, washing vehicles with water in buckets.

The researcher from the University of Guadalajara, José Arturo Gleason Espíndolareferred to the need for cities to become rainwater collectors, to generate environmental services and for communities to be sensitive to the issue of water.



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