Trump vows to crush pro-Palestine protests in the US

During an event with donors in New York, Trump spoke of expelling anti-Israel students from the country, event participants indicated.

  • Former US ruler Donald Trump.
    Former US ruler Donald Trump.

Former President Donald Trump vowed to crush pro-Palestinian protests at US universities.

During an event with donors in New York, Trump spoke of expel anti-Israel students from the countryindicated participants of the event.

When one of the donors suggested that many of the students and professors participating in the university protests could one day hold positions of power in the United States, Trump described the protesters as part of a radical revolution to be defeated.

According to the newspaper Washington PostTrump praised the NYPD for clearing the Columbia University campus and He urged other cities to follow that example.

If elected, Trump noted return the demonstrations 25 or 30 years agoreported some donors on condition of anonymity to share details of the private event.

In his public statements Trump wavered on whether “Israel” should continue its war in Gaza. “End it, return to peace and stop killing people,” said.

In the opinion of the Washington Post, The private meeting in New York offered a new perspective on Trump’s current thinking.

In the meeting, the former ruler did not mention the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, with whom he has not spoken for years for recognizing Joe Biden’s victory in 2020.

Trump offered few policy details about how he would handle “Israel” in a second term.

In a recent interview with the magazine time, He questioned the viability of an independent Palestinian state and said he was not sure how the two-state solution would work.

But in the meeting with donors, Trump took a different tone. Instead of expressing his desire to end the war, supported the right of “Israel” to continue its aggression on Gazaaccording to the publication.

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