Córdoba service stations can no longer sell gas and the distributor stopped the supply

Córdoba service stations can no longer sell gas and the distributor stopped the supply
Córdoba service stations can no longer sell gas and the distributor stopped the supply


There is no longer gas in Córdoba”. This is what he stated Marisa Centenaro, president of the Chamber of Fuel Distributors of the interior of the province of Córdoba. The representative of the service station owners assured that the company Ecogas (Distribuidora de Gas del Centro), which also supplies Córdoba to Catamarca and La Rioja, contacted it and other entities to inform them that they should stop the sale of gas. “It is for an indefinite period”Centenaro said with concern.

In Córdoba no service station is going to sell gas anymore. If we ignore this measure we subject ourselves to very severe sanctions,” said Centenaro in dialogue with Radio with youbut he also clarified that “the CNG station does not store” the gas so it would not have room to override the distributor’s decision either.

Centenaro valued the measure as “very serious, surprising and even inexplicable”. “The distributor told us that the cut is total for everyone: the industry, interruptible and firm stations. That is, for everyone,” stressed the business leader, who shares the sector with an important government official: the head of the ruling party’s block of deputies. Gabriel Bornoronialso from Córdoba, and president of the Federation of Fuel and Related Distributors of the Center.

“It is not usual. She has surprised us. In the 22, 23 years that I have been a parking attendant, I remember that in one or two times there were only cuts. They were short,” Centenaro recalled and expressed his hope: “We are expecting that tomorrow [por este miércoles] notify us or inform us that the measure has ceased”.

Centenaro could not locate the trigger for the current situation, but stated that “there was a problem with a ship that was in Buenos Aires that contributed to aggravating the situation even more.” The site specialized in energy Econojournal gave an explanation along the same lines.

Enarsathe state company that is responsible for the import of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), urgently bought a shipment of LNG from [la petrolera brasileña] Petrobras which was to begin regasifying this Tuesday. But at the last minute The Brazilian company contested the letter of credit with which the fuel was to be paid and did not authorize the unloading of LNG at the Escobar regasification terminal,” said the Econojournal. Enarsa had to pay Petrobras, whose main shareholder is the Brazilian State, US$22 millionbut it was not done in a timely manner, so the Brazilian company did not make the delivery.

This was added to the fact that one of the gas transportation companies “suffered a technical problem in two compressor plants”. This motivated the reaction of the Government, which convened an emergency committee to cut off gas to the largest 100 industries in the country in the north of the province of Buenos Aires, the south of Santa Fe, Córdoba and Mendoza, among which are petrochemicals, oil companies, cereal companies and agroindustrial companies, according to Econojournal. Centenaro pointed out that the cut will not only be for the industry, but for everyone, at least in Córdoba.

Given that Enarsa is an Argentine state company and that Petrobras is majority controlled by the State of Brazil, the question arises as to whether the issue could not be resolved through diplomatic channels between both countries. One of the drawbacks is that the two heads of state, Javier Milei and Lula Da Silva, have no relationship with each other.

Milei, in an interview with the journalist and columnist of LA NACION Jaime Bayly, in the middle of the electoral campaign towards the presidential runoff, stated that Lula is a “communist” and that he was imprisoned for “corrupt”. He also assured that he would not meet with Lula if he triumphed and became President. He had previously also said that He was not going to have commercial relations with “Lula or with any communist”.

The Brazilian president never responded. The Argentine government, already with Milei at the helm, requested a meeting more than a month ago and predicted that the meeting would take place in the weeks following the request. But it is still not known what Brazil’s response was. Lula’s only comments about Milei were when, in dialogue with the press, in mid-April, he stated: “I know that my chancellor [Mauro Vieira] received a letter from President Milei, but what happened is that our chancellor traveled and I haven’t seen the letter yet. When I return, I will receive it. I don’t know what she says in the letter, so I can’t respond.” Almost two months after the letter she sent to Milei, Lula still did not claim, at least in public, to have read it.


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