Gas leak causes explosion in Ohio building

On Tuesday, May 28, a gas leak caused a massive explosion in downtown Youngstown, Ohio, leveling the first floor of a 13-story building and injuring seven people.

The damaged structure housed a Chase bank on its ground floor, which bore the brunt of the impact of the explosion.

This event prompted a rapid response from medical and emergency personnel. Mercy Health hospital is treating seven victims, one of whom is in critical condition.

Surveillance images captured video of the gas explosion in Ohio

Surveillance images from a nearby business captured the chilling moment of the explosion.

The usually quiet street was empty of traffic, marked by orange construction cones, when suddenly, waves of gray smoke billowed from the building’s windows. The surroundings instantly became chaos.

A Chase Bank representative confirmed that the company maintains close communication with local authorities. “We are ensuring the safety of all people in and around the building,” the spokesperson said.

The gas explosion left the community shocked, as investigations continue into the exact cause of the explosion. Local officials are working diligently to secure the site and prevent any further damage or risk.

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