Donald Trump has spoken with Elon Musk about giving him a position if he returns to the White House, according to ‘The Wall Street Journal’ | USA Elections

Donald Trump has spoken with Elon Musk about giving him a position if he returns to the White House, according to ‘The Wall Street Journal’ | USA Elections
Donald Trump has spoken with Elon Musk about giving him a position if he returns to the White House, according to ‘The Wall Street Journal’ | USA Elections

Donald Trump ridicules electric cars and Elon Musk produces them with Tesla, the main company he runs. This divergence does not seem to have been an obstacle for both to have a growing ideological harmony, to the point that the former president and Republican candidate for the presidential elections on November 5 is considering having the South African-born tycoon on his team if returns to the White House. He revealed it this Wednesday The Wall Street Journal, which points out that both have talked about the possibility of him playing an advisory role in a hypothetical second presidency.

Musk has sometimes been portrayed as a libertarian, but his right-wing process seems unstoppable. He has shown his closeness with the Brazilian Jair Bolsonaro or the Argentine Javier Milei, he participated in an event that included the Italian Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, and the leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal, and in the 2022 US parliamentary elections he openly requested the vote for the Republican Party. After purchasing Twitter, he not only readmitted the former president to his social network, but also opened the doors wide to far-right hoaxes and conspiracy theories, which he himself has frequently spread. Attacks ideology with contempt woke up (aware, progressive) and relentlessly attacks the president of the United States, Joe Biden, even if he has to use fake news to do so.

The relationship with Trump has had its ups and downs, but it seems to be in a sweet moment, according to what he says. The Wall Street Journal. The New York newspaper assures that the hypothetical role of the businessman has not been fully specified and may not materialize, but that Trump has spoken with him about ways to assign him a formal role so that he has influence over policies related to border security. and the economy, two topics on which the Tesla boss has spoken out repeatedly.

According to that same publication, Musk, along with billionaire investor Nelson Peltz, an activist who has unsuccessfully raised a share battle in Disney, has also informed Trump about a plan they have developed to invest in a data-based project to prevent fraud. electoral. Peltz and Musk have also told Trump about an ongoing campaign, in which the Tesla boss and his political allies are organizing meetings of powerful business leaders across the country and trying to convince them not to support Biden’s re-election.

Conversations about those topics took place at a meeting in March at Montsorrel, Peltz’s mansion in Palm Beach, Florida, near Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s club. It was a meeting in which other billionaires participated and which he reported on The New York Times, but without the details of the conversations having been revealed.

During Trump’s presidency, Elon Musk participated in meetings of business leaders’ groups at the White House, but withdrew from them as a sign of disagreement with Trump’s decision to abandon commitments to the Paris Agreement on climate change.

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Support from billionaires

The former president has been regaining the favor of numerous billionaires who turned their backs on him after the assault on the Capitol on January 6, 2021. Peltz himself then publicly regretted having voted for Trump. Last March, however, he said he would vote for Trump because he was scared by the mental state of the 81-year-old Biden. Peltz turns 82 next month.

Last week it was the CEO of the Blackstone group, Steve Schwarzman, one of the most relevant figures on Wall Street, who announced that he would vote for the former president. He also distanced himself from Trump after January 6, recognized the election result and called for a peaceful transfer of power, but he has taken a turn. “The dramatic rise in anti-Semitism has led me to focus with greater urgency on the consequences of the upcoming elections,” he said in a statement sent to the Axios website. “I share the concern of most Americans that our economic, immigration and foreign policies are taking the country in the wrong direction. For these reasons, I plan to vote for change and support Donald Trump as president. Additionally, I will support Republican Senate candidates and other Republicans,” he added.

Musk, for his part, has spread conspiracy theories that the assault on the Capitol was a setup and has come out in defense of those prosecuted for the insurrection. The businessman seemed to show more sympathy in the Republican primaries for the governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, to whom he lent his social network for the launch of his campaign in a conversation with himself, although it turned out to be a fiasco. He also seemed at times to commune with businessman Vivek Ramaswamy, now unreservedly devoted to Trumpism. With Trump’s path to the Republican nomination now clear, Musk has dedicated himself to the cause of him defeating Biden.

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