Former Energy officials targeted the Government

The criticisms of Darío Martínez and Agustín Gerez of the Government of Javier Milei for the gas crisis

The former Secretary of Energy of the Nation, Darío Martínezaccused that the lack of the resource is due to “a sum of ignorance about the sector, inexperience in solving it, and economic fundamentalism that the Government of Javier Milei”. Furthermore, he added: “Sobra Gas, What is missing is knowledge, awareness of the magnitude of the problem and its effects, and management”.

Darío Martínez GNC Neuquén Collective

Darío Martínez, former Secretary of Energy of the Nation.

In line with that, Agustín Gerez, former president of Enarsa, maintained that the CNG cuts this Wednesday “could have been avoided if the government had taken the necessary measures when it took office in December”. In addition to that, he denounced: “The cost of inefficient energy management is costly and paid by all Argentines.”

Gerez also linked the gas problem to the interruption of the construction of the President Nestor Kirchner Gas Pipeline (GPNK): “If the government had made the decision in January continue with the two months of work that were missing on the Gasduct“Today we would not have this problem,” said the member of the Energy team of the Renewal Front.

Flavia Royón explained the situation of the Gas Pipeline

Regarding this issue, Flavia Royon, former Secretary of Energy in the government of Alberto Fernández and of Mining in the Milei administration, assured that the Gasduct “It is completed and operational from July 2023 with a capacity of 11 mm3/day.”, but nevertheless “to double its capacity it is necessary to finish the compressor plants“.

Flavia Royon.jpg

Flavia Royon, Secretary of Energy in the administration of Alberto Fernández.

Furthermore, Royon explained: “This type of work is complex and any delay has an impact, especially when it comes to a change in management. To be able to get there you have to follow the progress very closely. It is possible and we did it“.

Finally, he explained: “There are three sections. We did the work until the award was made due to the impossibility of a change in management. The 1st section exceeded the budget and had to be rebid. The other two were ready to be awarded. The current administration did it and progress is being made“.

Martínez and Gerez linked the Government surplus due to the lack of gas

Martínez also expressed himself in this regard and charged against the libertarian management: “The Milei Government, applying its fundamentalism of suspending all public works to obtain a fiscal surplussuspended the financing of the compressor plants of the NK gas pipeline.”

Furthermore, he stressed: “It was recently agreed to partially approve the works for the reversal of the Northern Gasduct, without considering the effects that these decisions would have on the costs and supply of Gas and Electricity for users and the economy in general of our country.” .

Gerez, for his part, also criticized the Government’s obsession with the surplus: “In order to show the surplus, a fictitious one, they decided to import fewer gas shipments and here is one of the consequences. They brought us to this extremely stressful situation that It hasn’t been lived since ’84. Today the 100 largest industrialists in Córdoba and Rosario could not open their factories or give work to their employees.”

Agustín Gerez.jpg

Agustín Gerez, former head of ENARSA.

Agustín Gerez, former head of ENARSA.

In addition, he highlighted: “The government spent 600 million dollars in one week to import energy while asking the middle class for more effort. “It is complex to tell society that in the country with the greatest gas resources, industrialists are being cut off, generating a drop in production and sales already affected by the recession,” he concluded.

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