“The natural gas crisis can be resolved with another vision of public service and the contribution of workers”

“The natural gas crisis can be resolved with another vision of public service and the contribution of workers”
“The natural gas crisis can be resolved with another vision of public service and the contribution of workers”

In days where the shortage of natural gas is felt even stronger, the Association of Hierarchical Personnel of the Natural Gas, Derivatives and Related Industry (APJ GAS) denounced that this crisis “It was due to a management problem and a technical problem”. Pointing to the responsibility of the national Executive commanded by Javier Milei.

In this framework, the Hierarchical Gas Staff Union reported that the national government urgently contracted a ship with Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) – which is later transformed into natural – for a value of US$44 million. “It was necessary to credit half of that money for the provision to be executed. Due to an administrative problem, that action did not occur. The consequence is that the ship did not start the operation. She was left in a place near the coast waiting for the corresponding payment.”, he said.

In turn, he added that in parallel there is another ship that was entering LNG into the system, discharged all the fluid it had and ran out of liquid at 12 midnight on Tuesday the 28th. “Some ask if the Brazilian government’s response could have been more benevolent, overlooking the lack of payment and then resolving the intricacies.“, they maintained.

However, the union led by Rubén Ruiz stressed that “in the world of energy things do not work with this level of improvisation and, furthermore, when Argentine foreign policy is dominated by the permanent demonization of governments that do not agree with its vision of the world and are constantly accused of being part of the planet’s ills, there can be no surprises”.

Added to the fact that the drop in temperature has been present for several weeks, so “The payment could have been made within a reasonable time but it was not made. “We all pay the consequences,” They stated from the APJ GAS Board of Directors.

Technical problem and political responsibilities

On the other hand, the union organization indicated that there was a technical problem in two TGN plants that was resolved with the collaboration of the workers who carried out tasks for more than 12 hours to repair the problem. “Obviously, that meant less gas in the system for a few hours,” they pointed out. Although at midnight the problem had already been resolved.

“Many of these workers will be harmed by the collection of income tax with next month’s earnings,” They remembered from the APJ GAS. While they added: “When they need us they call us without wasting time. When they have to look at economic solutions, the first thing they do is put their hand in the pockets of those of us who solve public service problems.”.

According to official information, the payment accreditation was finally made, the ship in question headed to the port and will be able to begin operating in the next few hours. “We insist that energy is not a sealed compartment. It is part of an integral mechanism that requires another vision of public service“, they maintained.

“The State must play a decisive role. Priorities cannot be delegated. “Planning is central, and improvisation is not a good advisor.”stressed the union entity. At the same time he highlighted: “The ‘free market’ will not solve public policy problems.”

Finally, the union stressed that “Energy, the rational use of non-renewable resources, foreign relations, workers’ salaries, increasing tax pressure are part of the same problem. There are no secrets. It’s all in sight. “Politics rules”.

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