Trump suggested giving Elon Musk an advisory position if he wins the election

The former president offered the billionaire to incorporate him into his team with an advisory role on economic and immigration issues. This was stated exclusively by The Wall Street Journal.

Republican candidate Donald Trump, He proposed giving billionaire Elon Musk a position as an advisor if he won the presidential elections November in the United States. This was stated by The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) this Wednesday in exclusive information.

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The leading newspaper in business circles quoted “sources familiar with those conversations“. He also revealed that Musk’s eventual position, still to be finalized, Would it have to do with border security or the economy?. These are the two issues that most concern the owner of Tesla, Space X and the X network (formerly Twitter).

Along the same lines, the media stated that Musk is promoting a campaign “among elitist circles” from across the country to ask them not to vote for Joe Biden. Among the promoters of the campaign, the media cites the investor Nelson Peltz.

It was in a Peltz mansion in Palm Beach (Florida) where one Sunday morning a group of powerful businessmen met with Trump at a breakfast meeting. Over there, “They discussed the elections and the possible role Musk could play in the event of a Republican victory.assured the WSJ.

The rapprochement of Trump and Musk

Sources assure that Musk and Trump, once at odds, They have gotten closer and closer and now they talk on the phone “several times a month”’ on immigration, science and technology, with increasingly consistent positions.

File photo showing billionaire Elon Musk. EFE/Caroline Brehman

In the past, Elon Musk has been a donor to both Republican and Democratic politicians, but recently he has stated that he does not want to simply support a candidate with money and that he intends to have a more concrete influence on politics.

Musk, who did not want to respond to the newspaper about his conversations with Trump, is particularly concerned about what he calls “the woke (progressive) mental virus,” which he has been complaining about with increasing insistence for its alleged contamination of the political and cultural space. in United States.

In May 2022 he declared his formal break with the Democratic Party for having “become the party of division and hate,” and announced that he would vote for the Republicans.

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