NASA alerts due to strange magnetic anomaly that grows in the South Atlantic

Recently, NASA and US authorities released worrying findings about a magnetic anomaly that is growing in the South Atlantic, called the South Atlantic Anomaly (SAA), which has experienced a considerable increase in the last four years.

It was initially detected in Brazil, but as time has passed and it has increased in size, it continues to advance throughout the region, weakening the area and allowing a greater passage of solar particles towards the Earth’s surface.

The Earth’s magnetic field, which acts as a protective shield against solar particles, is compromised by this growing anomaly, so experts from NASA, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) of the United States and the Defense Geographic Center (DGC) of the United Kingdom have confirmed the threat it also represents for humanity.

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This is how the magnetic anomaly would affect life on Earth

The anomaly is reportedly expanding westward, increasing by about 5 percent in a recent period, increasing the risk of damage to satellites and technology in orbit. As a result, we face significant risks, including damage to satellites from excessive radiation and obstacles to the propagation of radio waves.

This situation could lead to situations where satellites are forced to go into standby mode to avoid damage, affecting communication and data collection around the world. Until now, it is not known what caused the magnetic anomaly and why it continues to constantly grow.

Experts around the world are following it closely, because in the future, it could have consequences not only for communications on Earth, but also for the life of humanity, since it is generating large amounts of radiation and it is not known what consequences it could bring us.

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With information from CNN, Diario de Morelos / Cover photo: taken from the internet

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