How was the unusual incident with Petrobras that left industries and CNG without gas?

How was the unusual incident with Petrobras that left industries and CNG without gas?
How was the unusual incident with Petrobras that left industries and CNG without gas?

“The situation occurred due to a disagreement from the supplier regarding the letter of credit issued last Friday the 24th, despite the fact that it was issued in the terms required by the supplier, highlighting that the bank had received the same one for a similar shipment. in recent weeks,” they said from the state company that is in charge of imports.

“This shipment allows us to reinforce the scheduled gas supply in the face of the unusual cold situation for the time and sustained during the month of May,” the company added.

Unusual: Petrobras did not believe Enarsa

The unusual situation generated the largest gas supply crisis that the country has gone through in decades. Government sources consulted by +e acknowledged that They finalized the payment for the shipment, worth 22 million dollars, at 5 p.m., when the bank had already closed. The ship was to begin injecting into the Escobar regasifier an hour later.

Although they were shown the receipt, the Brazilians did not believe that the deposit had been made and did not authorize the unloading, which was due to take place yesterday. Petrobras did not want to authorize the injection of LNG into the Escobar regasifier until they saw the amount reflected in their account.

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Nación went out to buy a shipment of LNG from Petrobras in a hurry.

“What they wanted to do is pay for the ship with a letter of credit and if you have a damaged reputation, an international company is not going to unload a ship for you.” If you don’t know if you’re going to collect it later. Because perhaps the Minister of Economy, after unloading the ship, decides to pay him with a bonus,” he explained. Agustín Gerez, former president of Enarsa during the government of Alberto Fernández. In statements to La Red radio, the former official assured that Luis Caputo’s decision to pay with a bonus and a 50% write-off of the debt with the electricity generators damaged Argentina’s reputation.

As a result of the problem with the LNG ship, yesterday the gas system could not count on the contributions of some 7 million m3 of gas that would have allowed it to weather the supply crisis. As if that were not enough, yesterday too operational failures occurred in two compressor plants of the Central West Gasduct, in the province of San Luis, which meant that about 2 million m3 were stopped being injected into the system. Last night the problem had been solved.

The explanation of the Ministry of Energy

“On Friday, Enarsa bought a 44 million m3 LNG vessel from Petrobras that was supposed to begin regasifying yesterday. But at the last minute the company contested the letter of credit (payment) with which the fuel was to be paid and did not authorize the unloading of the LNG at the Escobar terminal, the ship was moored and connected to hoses since 4 p.m. yesterday,” the National Energy Secretariat officially explained today.

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The priority for the supply of has is residential demand.

And he added that due to the lack of gas, the gas supply to non-priority demand (industries, thermoelectric plants and CNG stations) was cut off to take care of priority users (hospitals, schools, homes and businesses).

“The objective is to continue supplying priority demand and residential homes. Throughout the day the situation of supply outages will be regularized,” they indicated.

The incident with Petrobras laid bare the lack of coordination and operational malpractice in the government to guarantee gas supply in the face of an unexpected polar cold wave for this time of year. System planning problems forced uninterruptible contracts to be cut in manufacturing industries. Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Santa Fe and Mendoza and to CNG stations in almost the entire country.

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