Tonight the gas supply will work again, the Government estimated – Notes – Always Together

Tonight the gas supply will work again, the Government estimated – Notes – Always Together
Tonight the gas supply will work again, the Government estimated – Notes – Always Together

The Government estimated that during the night of this Wednesday “the service will work again” gas supply.

This was indicated by the presidential spokesperson, Manuel Adorni, who noted that “the Petrobras ship arrived in the country, which is unloading the material” necessary for energy supply.

“It is estimated that the service will operate again tonight,” said the national official.

The gas shortage in the country had deepened, amid growing demand due to low temperatures, leading to restricting the supply of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) to all service stations, and cutting off supplies to large industries.

In the last hours of Tuesday, the Central Gas Distributor (Ecogas) notified the Córdoba service stations of the order to suspend the sale of CNG for an indefinite period. A similar situation took place in Rosario, after a warning from Litoral Gas.

In the afternoon, the Government reported that gas supply was normalized throughout the country after the reduction in transportation of two compressor plants in San Luis and Córdoba and an administrative setback with a ship that had to unload LNG were resolved.

“In these situations, the Government carried out measures to guarantee the supply of priority demand such as businesses, schools, hospitals and homes,” they indicated.

They also attributed it to the exceptional weather conditions in the month of May that generated high consumption of priority demand (which increased from 44 million m3 to 77 million m3), and “added to the delays in the infrastructure works scheduled by the previous administration”.

“The first of them was a technical problem in two compressor plants (in the provinces of San Luis and Córdoba) operated by the company Transportadora Gas del Norte (TGN), which generated a reduction in transportation of 3 million m3 per day of natural gas on the delivery route in Litoral and GBA areas. This situation was resolved in the early hours of today, according to the information received by ENARGAS. In turn, there was an administrative setback with the bank with which the company operates. company Petrobras, which prevented the unloading of the LNG, acquired by Enarsa last week for a total of 44 million m3,” they stated.

In this sense, thanks to the joint effort between Petrobras and ENARSA, the problem was corrected and the ship is already operating and unloading the LNG since the early hours of the morning, to be regasified and injected into the transportation system.

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Petrobras accepted the payment and began unloading one of the LNG ships

This Wednesday morning, the Petrobras company accepted the payment conditions for the LNG cargo moored in the port of Escobar and began unloading it, as confirmed by the ENARSA company.

“Today at 9:10 a.m. the confirmation of the letter of credit issued by BNA (Banco Nación) was received from the bank designated by Petrobras,” the company reported from its account. x.

ENARSA stated that “immediately, the process of unloading the ship begins, which was already attached to the Escobar regasification vessel, connected since 4 p.m. on Tuesday, May 28.”

The process until the LNG passes to the compressor plant and from there begins to be distributed may take between 48 and 72 hours until normalization is achieved.

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“The situation occurred due to the supplier’s disagreement with the letter of credit issued last Friday the 24th, despite the fact that it was issued in the terms required by the supplier, highlighting that the bank had received the same one for a similar shipment in the last few weeks,” the company highlighted.

Along these lines he stated that “this shipment allows us to reinforce the scheduled gas supply in the face of the unusual cold situation for the time and sustained during the month of May.”

Due to this delay, supply outages were recorded in more than a hundred industries, with the provinces of Córdoba and Santa Fe mainly affected.

The crisis was unleashed by the low temperatures that spread throughout the country earlier than expected, while the Ministry of Energy delayed making decisions to foresee this situation.

In any case, it is only a first step since at least three dozen more ships will have to arrive to satisfy a winter demand that will be higher than expected.

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In the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Very few service stations offered CNG and there were large lines of cars at the gas stations that were enabled. “All the CNG stations are closed, it doesn’t help me to work on gasoline,” said a motorist.

In Santa Fe, the representative of CNG dispensers, Dalmiro Saux, told Chain 3 that the panorama in the province is complex. “We received the closure order, so the stations cannot operate until 6 in the morning on May 30. After that, we could reopen. The cuts are general, throughout the country.”

Report by Orlando Morales, Matías Arrieta and Ariel Rodríguez.

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