Successful participation of Oil and Gas Alliance during OTC 2024

With a strong international presence and a focus on creating strategic links, Oil and Gas Alliance participated in the 55th Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston, Texas

The OTC 2024recognized as one of the most relevant events in the world in offshore technology, During May, it brought together the global elite of experts and professionals in the energy sector. This year, the conference was a center of innovation and collaboration, bringing together more than 30 thousand participants from 107 countries. Likewise, the event included 51 technical sessions, 30 executive dialogues, 13 panels, and 7 social networking meetings.

All this was carried out in an exhibition floor close to 24 thousand m2; with nearly 1,300 companies exhibiting innovative technologies, including interactive and virtual reality installations.

Leadership and Strategic Connections

Represented by its CEO, Ricardo Ortega, and its commercial director, Oscar Esparza, Oil and Gas Alliance not only presented its technological advances, but also acted as a bridge to connect its partners — PQSI, Nuñez Transport LLC and AQUEOS — with actors key to the industry; both in Mexico and with a view to expanding globally.

Oscar Esparza highlighted the relevance of the event:

“OTC 2024 has presented revolutionary innovations in the sector and a multidisciplinary technical program that explores the technologies necessary to address the growing global demand for energy; as populations and economies continue to modernize and advance.”

With the presence of countries such as Holland, Italy, Brazil, China, Norway, among others, the Oil & Gas Alliance highlighted its objective of challenging the status quo of the energy sector and leading the market. This commitment was reflected in the activities carried out, facilitating the presence and recognition of Mexico in an event of such magnitude.

Oil and Gas Alliance’s participation in OTC 2024 has not only strengthened its position in the industry; but has also demonstrated its ability to lead in innovation and global connectivity. With a clear focus on the future, the company continues to be an essential pillar on the path towards a more advanced and sustainable energy sector.

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