Service will return to normal tonight

Service will return to normal tonight
Service will return to normal tonight

Given the lack of gashe Government confirmed the arrival in the country of “a Petrobras ship that is unloading material to replenish the energy supply.” “The service will return to normal operation tonight,” the presidential spokesperson promised. Manuel Adorni.

The official explained in a press conference at Casa Rosada that the problems in the payment to Brazil were finally unblocked and that a ship from the Brazilian oil company Petrobras arrived, whose unloading had been expected since yesterday afternoon.

“There was a problem with the letter of credit, on Friday we issued the payment and there was a rejection from the company, an issue that ended up being solved, and that is why at 9:00 the gas discharge began,” Adorni explained and added: “ It is the harshest winter in the last 44 years, demand increased by about 55%, from 44 million cubic meters to about 70 million, which means that there have been problems in distribution, which would not have occurred if the letter would have proceeded.”

Embed – Press conference | 05/29/24

The Petrobras statement

This Wednesday, the Petrobras company accepted the payment conditions for the LNG cargo moored in the port of Escobar and began its unloading, as confirmed by the ENARSA company.

“Today at 9:10 a.m. the confirmation of the letter of credit issued by BNA (Banco Nación) was received from the bank designated by Petrobras,” the company reported from its X account.

ENARSA stated that “immediately, the process of unloading the ship begins, which was already attached to the Escobar regasification vessel, connected since 4 p.m. on Tuesday, May 28.”

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