“It is not the responsibility of this Government”

“It is not the responsibility of this Government”
“It is not the responsibility of this Government”

In the midst of the shortage of natural gas in the system that worsened this Tuesday afternoon, The Secretary of Energy of the Nation distanced himself from the problem which is manifested in the lack of CNG throughout the country and the request for cuts to industries.

Eduardo Rodríguez Chirillo He maintained that “it is not the responsibility of this Government not to have full capacity” of the Néstor Kirchner Gas Pipeline, a situation that is causing supply problems.

“In the previous Government, aa reduction in imported gas just for this year’s winter. In order to resolve this situation, we agreed with the Brazilian Petrobras on assistance for August and September, and thus cover this reduction in gas volumes,” said the official, on his account on the social network X (formerly Twitter).

On Tuesday, the Emergency Committee decided that there would be gas cuts to all Compressed Natural Gas service stations in the country and also to industries, even those that have “firm” (non-interruptible) contracts and for which they pay for the fuel. more expensive than the rest.

The national official explained that the current administration assumed “a debt left by the previous Government with Bolivia for US$244 million for the import of gas. The interest cost US$21.8 million for all Argentines.”

The main reason for the deepening of the crisis is that a Petrobras (Brazil) ship that should have unloaded yesterday the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) that Energía Argentina (Enarsa) imported directly – without bidding – did not accept the payment method. that the country proposed, with a letter of credit, since Argentina did not have the “dollars in hand.”

In addition, he pointed to the strongest cold wave since 1980, which he warned was not predicted and which generates strong demand for gas. “Added to exceptional situations (limitation of energy imports from Brazil, departure from the Embalse), it was necessary to incorporate LNG volumes, at market price, scheduled for later,” he said.

Rodríguez Chirillo maintained that “it is nonsense to affirm that it is the responsibility of this Government not to have the full capacity of the GPNK”, the Néstor Kirchner Gasduct. And he added that “the work on the first section of the GPNK and theTrayén and Salliqueló compressor plants should have been completed in September 2023.”

Finally, he highlighted that payments “for more than $30,000 million were regularized and resources for another $47,000 million were allocated in the completion phase, due to the inherited delay.”

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