NASA detects anomaly growing in the Earth’s magnetic field: why does it happen?

A few years ago, scientists dedicated to studying the planet detected an anomaly in the Earth’s magnetic field that has intensified over time.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) together with the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA) and the Geographic Defense Center (DGC) have confirmed that this discovery grows in the South Atlantic, known as South Atlantic Anomaly (SAA) and warn about the increase in activity in the last four years.

“The South Atlantic anomaly is also of interest to NASA ground scientists who monitor changes in magnetic field strength there, both to see how such changes affect Earth’s atmosphere and as an indicator of what is happening with the Earth’s magnetic fields in the depths of the globe,” explained Jessica Evans in an article for the NASA portal.

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Why does this phenomenon happen?

One of the theories made by scientists is that this event is related to the accumulation of old basalt rocks that affect the generation of the magnetic field in that area.

The magnetic field is a protective shield that repels solar and cosmic particles, as well as solar radiation and winds. In addition, it helps maintain technological and biological stability on the Earth’s surface.

Another hypothesis is that there is the possibility that electric flow found in the liquid core of the Earth that interact with the structure of the Earth’s crust in that area and alter the magnetic field.

Earth’s magnetic field / Naeblys


What impact could this anomaly have on us?

The first concern is that if the magnetic field continues to weaken, a large number of particles could penetrate the Earth’s atmosphere.

It can also damage the electronic components of satellites, obstruct the propagation of radio waveswhich could affect the communicationscompass navigation and magnetic instrument readings used in aviation and maritime transport.

Another concern that experts have is that the magnetic field that protects the planet’s surface prevents particles emitted by the Sun from causing serious impacts on health.

“If the Earth’s magnetic field did not exist, solar radiation would destroy the biosphere in a matter of years,” scientists mention.

Earth’s magnetic field and solar particles / Razvan25


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