Alberto Fernández questioned Milei about the lack of gas and spoke of “ineptitude” in the libertarian government

Alberto Fernández questioned Milei about the lack of gas and spoke of “ineptitude” in the libertarian government
Alberto Fernández questioned Milei about the lack of gas and spoke of “ineptitude” in the libertarian government

Alberto Fernández criticized the Libertarian Government for the lack of gas. EFE/Juan Ignacio Roncoroni

Following the lack of gas that affects a large part of the country, the former president Alberto Fernandez He questioned the Government and accused them of having lied “to hide their ineptitude.” “When you believe that you achieve a surplus by paralyzing public works, you only generate problems that are difficult to solve later. These are officials who, in order to defend a dogma, manipulate figures and always lie or blame others when the disaster they have caused is revealed,” he stated this Wednesday.

Since this Tuesday night, the problems have begun where gas distributors in different parts of the country had to communicate the news to their clients with interruptible contracts, and in some cases also with uninterruptible contracts. The combination of a peak in gas consumption due to autumn temperatures much lower than usual combined with technical problems in different parts of the system and difficulties in importing liquefied gas resulted in this situation.

In this regard, the former head of state published an extensive message on his social networks against the management of Javier Milei in which he highlighted: “Take charge. “I’m going to take care of proving their lies.” Furthermore, he added that “gas import contracts are no longer available from one year to the next. “Planning is done during the first two months of the year with the analysis of gas supply and demand.”

He also said that “historically, in the face of lack of energyStarting in mid-May, Argentina imported an LNG ship every 3 days in Escobar. The Libertarian Government decided to postpone this programming until the beginning of June, hiring only specific ships for the month of May, speculating that it would not need them. “The arguments put forward by the unique current Secretary of Energy fall apart in the face of reality. If a Petrobras ship could rescue us from the situation we are experiencing today, why didn’t they foresee that we were going to need it two months ago as it should have been?” Fernández questioned.

The message that former president Alberto Fernández published on his social networks

Likewise, the former president stressed that “our government management not only ended the Néstor Kirchner Gas Pipeline in record time (a fact that the libertarian Government should be grateful for because today it is an enormous support for the country’s energy) but we canceled all the obligations required at the time of leaving office.”

At the same time, he stated that “it is false to claim (as they do) that the first of the three sections of the Northern Gas Pipeline Reversal was left without being awarded and the other two sections without being put out to tender. During our administration, the three sections were put out to tender and offers were received for the three sections, of which two were awarded by the current government. Don’t you know what you do either?”

Furthermore, Alberto Fernández highlighted: “Regarding the other section that they have mentioned, I must clarify that the conditions were in place to award it to the same bidder that was the winner of the other two sections.”

“May I remind the singular energy official who today seeks to atone for his guilt, that when we worked on the government transition, our management provided him with draft technical reports to advance in that direction and we even proposed that as outgoing authorities we could assume responsibility. of the award, but it was not accepted because they did not know if the Libertarian Government “would continue doing public works,” questioned the former president.

In the same sense, he argued that “it is worth highlighting that the contractor who was in a position to be awarded the first section is completing the two awarded sections without having received a single construction certificate. Having advanced in the strategy proposed by the outgoing management of ENARSA, the Reversal of the Northern Gasduct “It would have been operational at the beginning of May and there would be no risk of supply in Córdoba, Santiago del Estero, Tucumán, La Rioja, Catamarca, Salta and Jujuy.”

The lack of gas affects a large part of the country

From the message he published on his networks, he took care to say that “regarding the debts, all obligations due on December 10, 2023 were cancelled. It is a technical and conceptual error to consider the regularization of payments for $30,000 million and $47,000 million (USD 80 million) as a representative figure. These certificates were in the process of payment but were not enforceable obligations. Paying them would have violated the contractual terms with due dates 45 days after the invoices were presented. We are talking about USD 80MM in an operational work whose maturity was not due on December 10, 23.

Finally, Fernández stated that “the central problem is what they believe. Disbelief of public works and to develop any action in favor of improving the infrastructure. Keep in that way. As Tato Bores would say, ‘vermouth with fries and a good show’.”

The former president, for her part, targeted this Wednesday against the Government of Javier Milei for the same reason. “With a drawn surplus (in my neighborhood they call it a trucho) and without gas in the pipe,” the last vice president wrote in her X account.

“Singing tests about officials and ideas that don’t work. By not transferring funds to the contractors who were carrying out the compressor works for around 40 million dollars, they had to hire ships for much higher amounts. Up to this point the idea has not worked, but also, when they calculated the ships they had to buy, the officials miscalculated or did not have foresight. What was said: with officials that don’t work, more ideas that don’t work either… nothing can go well“, stated Cristina Kirchner.

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