From 0 hours onwards, gas returns to the CNG Stations with firm service

From 0 hours onwards, gas returns to the CNG Stations with firm service
From 0 hours onwards, gas returns to the CNG Stations with firm service

After Petrobras accepted the payment conditions for the LNG cargo moored in the port of Escobar and began its unloading, the Emergency Committee met to evaluate the conditions of the system, ordered to release the gas supply for CNG Service Stations, but only for those that have contracted firm service.

For that reason, communication from distributors throughfrom 0 a.m. on May 30, The vending machines will resume the usual dispatch rhythm. Meanwhile, those who have interruptible service, they must continue waiting.

The outages, which had begun on Wednesday afternoon in some regions and then spread to almost the entire country, caused concern among parkers. In this sense, the Confederation of Hydrocarbon and Related Trade Entities of the Argentine Republic, together with its 16 associated Federations and Chambers, issued a statement urging the national Government and the actors in the gas sector to take the necessary measures to guarantee the supply normal CNG at Service Stations throughout the country.

The supply cuts that initially and disparately affected service stations with interruptible contracts today reach practically all outlets beyond the type of contract they have agreed upon with their respective distributors, which puts our operations at risk. business and that affects the population“, they warned from the Confederation.

Therefore, it is extremely important that the authorities advance a plan that provides predictability and security to parkers and users.“, they highlighted.


Due to the CNG supply crisis that began in the city of La Plata and quickly spread nationwide, operators began to seek advice to claim for damages caused by this situation.

In this regard, the president of the Federation of Fuel Entities (FEC) Juan Carlos BasilicoI affirm that “If distributors and other companies can allude to force majeure to protect security due to low pressure, it is also possible to sue the National State for not having taken the necessary provisions to face consumption.“.

FEC advisors have considered, after consulting with specialists, that there is a sufficiently verifiable basis to take legal action against the parties that did not comply with their commitments to users.

However, the leader admitted that without the purpose of these actions, it is urgent to find a political solution that also includes the Service Stations. In that sense, businessmen will present a bill to guarantee the continuous and regular supply of CNG.

“The current situation highlights the urgent need to strengthen the country’s energy infrastructure and ensure an equitable and continuous distribution of resources. The FEC, with this inclusive opening, seeks not only to serve those affected by the current crisis, but also to prevent future contingencies that may negatively impact the industry and CNG users in Argentina.“, stated the business leader.

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