A superior Real Madrid overwhelms Barça and takes advantage in the semifinal

A superior Real Madrid overwhelms Barça and takes advantage in the semifinal
A superior Real Madrid overwhelms Barça and takes advantage in the semifinal

Real Madrid was better and Real Madrid won. There was only white in the premiere of the semifinal series between the two giants of Spanish basketball, Barça minimized on a night when the best thing for the Barça team is that it has already happened. Grimau’s team demonstrated a resilient side that allowed them not to disengage from the game at any time, but they ran into a superior opponent, licking the wounds of the defeat in the Euroleague final, who controlled the situation at all times and took the first step towards the final of the Endesa League.

The classic began to be played before kick-off, with the two coaches modifying their usual quintets in search of the initial surprise. Causeur burst into the whites’ team and Abrines, along with Satoransky as Ricky’s partner, did so in the Blaugrana’s team. They did not have much influence on the game, it must be said, which began in a frenetic manner with Campazzo a la Von Karajan and Tavares as his best violin. Between them, Madrid scored the first 15 points. It was difficult for Barça to score, but they were persistent and persistent to be able to add points. When the triples don’t come in, Grimau’s team always suffers, this Wednesday 2/12 at halftime and 4/22 at the end, and Chus Mateo’s team, undisputed dominator of the paint -Tavares alone captured 15 rebounds-, rode comfortably through the WiZink until 24-14, the last basket of the first quarter signed by Sergio Rodríguez. The Madrid pavilion recorded a great entry, confirming that there is life beyond Taylor Swift.

Four triples from Llull in the last quarter cut off the last reaction of Grimau’s men

The defense of Hezonja and Abalde on Laprovittola was bearing fruit but Barça understood in time that before scoring they had to defend. Thus, with Da Silva as their standard, the Blaugrana began to cut back play by play, without getting impatient, and tightening the screws in defense. A path that led first to a triple by Brizuela that tied the score (28-28, m16), and shortly after to two free throws by Ricky Rubio that put his team in control for the first time all night (30-31 , m17).

Barça did not seem to know how to handle emotions then, halfway to the top, and allowed Madrid to press the accelerator. Yabusele scored from outside and with his second triple he turned the WiZink lights white again (42-33), a success that he combined with an incredible basket at the buzzer to bring down the curtain on the first half.

They had to cut off Barça’s hot water at half-time because they came out frozen in the second half and ended up throwing all their effort overboard. As if he were Thor, he raised his hammer in Madrid and began to dig a lethal hole against an opponent who seemed invisible. Tavares and Campazzo continued to reign on the parquet, but Musa also joined the festival. The result was that in less than four minutes Mateo’s team had scored 18 points. A shocking fact, an unforgivable short circuit, another one for Barça, one of those that has prevented them from getting closer to glory until now.

The infallible Llull

Ssergio Pérez / EFE

A three-pointer from Campazzo made the wound almost fatal (61-38), but then the most resilient side of the Blaugrana reappeared. Madrid got a little confused and Laprovittola took over the controls of the ship. Little by little, he began to close the wound stitch by stitch. Parra appeared and once again contributed productive minutes. Just after the last act, Jabari Parker broke the ten-point barrier (72-64, m31) but Barça didn’t even have time to close their eyes to dream about the feat. Sergio Llull and his 36-year-old daughter decided to put an end to the suffering, with the Menorcan scoring 4 almost consecutive triples to cut off any type of reaction and bring victory to his Madrid. Barça did not give up despite everything, good news for the second game. The first one was already white.

Data sheet

97 – Real Madrid (24+20+28+25): Campazzo (20), Causeur (2), Hezonja (10), Musa (10), Tavares (18), -starting quintet-, Poirier (2), Rudy Fernández (-), Llull (14), Sergio Rodríguez (2), Abalde (3) and Yabusele (16).

78 – Barça (14+22+26+16): Ricky Rubio (8), Satoransky (5), Abrines (8), Parker (11), Vesely (4) -starting five-, Laprovittola (13), Willy Hernangómez (12), Kalinic (1), Da Silva (10), Brizuela (3), Parra (3), and Jokubaitis (-).

Referees: Carlos Peruga, Jordi Aliaga and Luis Miguel Castillo. No eliminated.

Incidents: First match of the Endesa League semifinal series played at the WiZink Center in front of 11,274 spectators.

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