At least one Mar del Plata company was affected by the gas outage in the industry

At least one Mar del Plata company was affected by the gas outage in the industry
At least one Mar del Plata company was affected by the gas outage in the industry

As a result of the energy crisis, the national government was forced to interrupt the gas supply in at least 100 industries in the country and at least one company in Mar del Plata was affected by the shortages.

Although the measure did not cause the interruption of service in the General Savio Industrial Parkwhere the bulk of the city’s productive companies are located, 0223 was able to confirm that at least one firm was affected by the suspension of “non-priority” demand that the national administration ordered this Wednesday, although it had begun to be applied in different cases since last Friday.

One of them is the Palmar brick factory, located at Chapadmalal Station. According to a consulted source, the company usually receives 26 thousand cubic meters of gas daily and due to the restriction In recent days it received only 8 thousand cubic meterss, that is, a third, which considerably affected production.

“It’s not that the oven turns off, but that they give it less gas”, they explained. However, they indicated that The situation normalized in the last few hours and it once again received the usual volume of gas. “He was restricted for only two or three days,” they confided.

The Palmar brick factory, one of the companies affected by the reduction of gas to the industry. Photo: 0223.

Due to the energy crisis, which also forced cut off the supply of CNG at service stations, around 100 large industries, including petrochemicals, oil, cereals and agro-industrial companies, were notified to interrupt the use of gas.

Distributors in Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, Córdoba and other productive provinces began to cut off gas to industries with interruptible contracts and also to those with “firm, but with a window” contracts. That is, the distributor can cut off up to a certain volume of cubic meters of gas for a certain period of time.

The arrival of the cold wave, which the government only expected in June, revealed the lack of completion of the Néstor Kirchner gas pipeline, which needs to install compressor plants. This occurred because the government did not execute items for between 14 and 40 million dollars within the framework of the fiscal adjustment. But now, in the midst of the supply bottleneck, It had to buy liquid fuel abroad for between 500 and 500 million dollars to replace the missing gas.

The Government announced that the gas supply is normalized

Meanwhile, the presidential spokesperson, Manuel Adorni, confirmed this Wednesday that This midnight the supply will be normalized after an administrative setback with a Brazilian oil company ship Petrobras, which was to discharge Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG).

The Government accused complications because Gas consumption skyrocketed from 44 million to 77 million cubic meters in May due to the cold wave and alleged delays in infrastructure works scheduled by the previous administration.

Besides, A technical problem was recorded in two compressor plants (in the provinces of San Luis and Córdoba) operated by the company Transportadora Gas del Norte (TGN), which generated a reduction in the transportation of 3 million cubic meters per day of natural gas on the delivery route in areas of Litoral and Greater Buenos Aires. This situation was resolved in the early hours of today, according to the information received by the National Gas Regulatory Entity (Enargas).

“There was an administrative setback with the bank with which the Petrobras company operates, which prevented the unloading of the LNG, acquired by Enarsa last week for a total of 44 million cubic meters. In this sense, thanks to the joint effort between Petrobras and Enarsa , the problem was corrected and the ship is already operating and unloading the LNG since the early hours of the morning, to be regasified and injected into the transportation system,” they indicated.

The normalization of the supply of non-priority demand (industries, CNG stations and thermoelectric plants) is estimated throughout the day.they announced.

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