The return of Vicente Iborra after winning the Conference League

Vicente Iborra won this past Wednesday with his first title of Europa Conference League. The Valencian, together with a Mendilibar who won their second European title, won the continental title at ‘home’.

In the Olympiacos Greecethe Hellenes beat the Fiorentina and added their first continental title thanks to a Mendilibar that has brought out the best in a squad that was not a candidate, on paper, to be the final champion of the They confer Leagueespecially when he faced the Aston Villa of Emery in semi-finals.

Own Vicente Iborrawho played the 90 regulation minutes plus extra time where the Greeks scored the only and ultimately definitive goal, spoke after the match to show his joy: “I want to enjoy the Conference. She is the first, my first ever. This is very nice. These people deserve it and we are going to enjoy it.” In addition, the former player of Sevilla, Villarreal, Levante and Leicester He did not hesitate to recognize the magic that it has José Luis Mendilibarcapable of reaching a Sevilla in full crisis and making it champion of the Europa League and add the first continental title for Olympiacos: “Mendilibar is touched by a wand. “There are two in a row and I hope many more come.”


Vicente Iborra’s return home

Vicente Iborra yesterday he added his fifth continental title. After 3 UEFA Europa League with the Seville and a fourth with the Villarrealthe Conference League This means that to score the next European title in his career he has to use another hand. Vicente Iborraborn in Valenciaspecifically in Moncadadebuted in the I raised as a professional and this past Wednesday he confessed that he would love to return to the Granota team, which he left in the summer of 2013 to sign for the Seville although he later returned in 2022/23 as a prior step to signing for Olympiacos: “Return to Levante? For me… It’s my dream. It’s my hope. Now I want to enjoy, we have earned it and God will tell,” confessed the Spanish player.

Vicente Iborra He already let himself be loved by a possible return to Levante in the preview of the semifinals of the Conference League: “I hope I can return to Spain. I have a bitter feeling about having to leave Levante last season,” confessed the Valencian. The return of Iborra to the Levant would be produced with the granotas in Second division after falling out in the last days of the fight for the promotion playoff.

Own Iborra spoke of a change in the trend regarding the dynamics of the Levantinists in Second: “Anything can happen in the Second Division. It has been seen that the team that gets involved at the last minute continues to rise. Hopefully what football took away from us last year, this year it will give it to us now.” He I raisedwith Vicente Iborralost the play off final in 129 and now football has given him back this Wednesday everything that was taken from him last season.

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