Electronic Family Pocket: When is the balance available?

Electronic Family Pocket: When is the balance available?
Electronic Family Pocket: When is the balance available?

May 30 2024 – 06:00 hrs.

In April, payments for the Electronic Family Pocket ended, the economic benefit that was provided to help households purchase food products.

The state contribution provided, monthly, an amount of $13,500 for each causer or family dependent.

All about Electronic Family Pocket

This amount was deposited in a special section of the CuentaRUT of the State Bank and could be used at once or supplemented with its own resources.

The money could be used by paying with the CuentaRUT in in-person purchases that were made in businesses registered as a food item and that had a payment machine.

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Until when can I keep the balance?

People who have not used all the money from the Electronic Family Pocket can still use the benefit. If you have an available balance after the month of April, It is possible to use that money without losing the funds.

Regarding the validity of the benefit amount, the balance will be maintained in the Electronic Family Pocket “indefinitely, to be used whenever the person deems it appropriate or until the amount paid is exhausted”, They detailed from the benefit’s website.

Specifically, the Electronic Family Pocket is a mechanism that will continue to be visible within the CuentaRUT, even though the delivery of the benefit has already ended.

How do I know if I have available balance in the Electronic Family Pocket?

People who wish to know if they still have money available in their Electronic Family Pocket must enter the BancoEstado application or website and select the benefit option to know your balance.

The available amount can also be consulted in the Conecta and Caja Vecina self-services.

People who still have an available balance in their Electronic Family Pocket can use this money in food businesses that have a card payment machine, such as supermarkets, warehouses, minimarkets, free fairs, among others.

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