The Government confirms that gas supply is normalized

He Government Argentine announced that this Thursday will be completely reset the supply of gas, putting an end to the interruptions in distribution that affected various industries and stations CNG in the last days. The Secretary of Energy, Eduardo Rodríguez Chirilloassured that as of midnight, restrictions were lifted for large industries and CNG stations, which had been affected by the fuel shortage.

In statements made through his official account on the social network Rodriguez Chirillo stated: “To bring peace of mind to all Argentines: cuts to industries will be completely released and stations CNG firm starting at midnight.” In addition, he noted that the situation will normalize throughout the day, ensuring that as of Thursday there will be no gas shortages.

The chancellor Diana Mondino He also celebrated the end of the conflict over the energy resource on his X account (former Twitter), writing: “Gas solved.”

The presidential spokesperson, Manuel Adorni, provided more details during a press conference at Casa Rosada, explaining that the problems in the gas supply were due to difficulties in payment to Brazil. Adorni reported that finally lbequeathed a ship from the Brazilian oil company Petrobraswhose download was expected from the previous day.

“There was a problem with the letter of credit, on Friday we issued the payment and there was a rejection from the company, an issue that it ended up being solved, and that’s why the gas discharge began at 9:00 a.m.,” Adorni explained. He also pointed out that the significant increase in gas demand due to low temperatures contributed to the issues in the distribution.

From the Secretary of Energy, A statement was issued confirming that the main objective was to protect priority demand and residential homes. It was also assured that throughout the day the power outage situation will be regularized. supply in those industries and stations CNG that were affected.

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