Supervision of informal commerce on Cyber ​​Day

Supervision of informal commerce on Cyber ​​Day
Supervision of informal commerce on Cyber ​​Day


Events such as Cyber ​​Day represent a significant opportunity for our sector, with the potential to constitute a relevant part of the annual sales of many brands. In this context, it is essential that customers make their purchases through official websites and in an informed manner. Buying on official sites not only guarantees respect for consumer rights, but also ensures the acquisition of quality products, with all the necessary guarantees.

As a union, we call on the authorities to adequately supervise informal commerce during this event. It is essential that this instance develops normally, respecting all sector regulations to ensure fair and equitable competition.

Informal online commerce represents a serious danger for the industry, since it not only evades tax and quality regulations, but also puts customer safety at risk by offering products of dubious origin and without adequate guarantees. The lack of oversight allows the proliferation of counterfeit products, which negatively affects legitimate brands and can cause serious damage to consumer confidence.

On the other hand, it is also important that the main marketplaces monitor that the products sold on their platforms are certified and have all the necessary regulations to ensure fair competition and customer safety.


Esteban Halcartegaray

President of the Retail Brands Association

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