The real reason why NASA wants to send watches to the Moon

The real reason why NASA wants to send watches to the Moon
The real reason why NASA wants to send watches to the Moon

What could be the reason for Are special clocks needed on the Moon? The answer seems to be simple. The United States Government asked the
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

that create a system to measure lunar time before the end of 2026as part of a campaign to establish

international standards in space


The new time zone, called “Coordinated Lunar Time (LTC)”is justified by “establishing time standards in and around celestial bodies other than Earth,” as explained in

an official memorandum published last April 2

by White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP).

According to information from the

specialized site

the low gravity at the site causes time there moves slightly faster: 58.7 microseconds per day. For this reason, NASA, in order to comply with political directives, requested that watches be manufactured with this slight modification and thus be able to use them in outer space.

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Why does NASA want to create the schedule on the Moon?

According to the White House, establishing a lunar time standard is crucial to mission safety and accuracy. As NASA, private companies and space agencies around the world launch missions to the

Moon, Mars and beyond

believe it is essential to have aligned temporal standards.

On Earth, time is measured with numerous clocks located in various parts of the planet. On the Moon, a similar system could be used for lunar timing. “We need a device of this type that marks a different rhythm than one on our planet”explained Kevin Coggins, manager of the Space Communications and Navigation Program.

Today, astronauts on the International Space Station follow the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). For spacecraft at other locations, NASA uses the “Spaceship Event Time” to time key mission events.

To establish a schedule on the Moon, NASA explained that the idea is to have it ready for the Artemis program in which it plans
send humans to the Moon by September 2026

three months before the deadline to complete this project.

In parallel, China and India They have also announced manned missions to the Moon before the end of this decade and by 2040, respectively, so an international agreement is essential so that the idea of ​​​​creating a schedule on the Moon remains valid.

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