Aaron Rodgers’ snub at Donald Trump goes viral on social networks

ANDl New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers,is a quite controversial figure for different reasons, mainly among the so-called ‘liberals’ for their opinions on Covid-19 vaccines, and other conspiracy theories.

However, He had not been seen ‘angry’ on the other side of the political spectrum in the conservativesby giving a snub to the leader of his movement, the presidential candidate of the Republican Party and recently convicted criminal, Donald Trump.

Rodgers completely ignored Donald Trump

During UFC 302 held in Newark, New Jersey, Aaron Rodgers was among the attendees and at some point, former President Trump began to make his way through the crowd, greeting some of those present.

Trump walked past Aaron Rodgers, who remained seated and did not come up to greet the Republican Party candidate. Given this action or ‘inaction’, there was much speculation and even anger on social media from the MAGA world and Trump supporters.

Perhaps Rodgers did not deign to greet Trump and even ignored him because his friend, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., is also involved in the electoral race as an independent candidate, who also at some point thought of including the QB of the Jets as his vice president.

In the end, Rodgers himself mentioned that he declined the invitation because it would mean retiring from the NFL, something he was not willing to do, since he still has one year left on his contract with the Jets.

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