La Jornada – Morenoist wave sweeps through town halls and Congress of Edomex

La Jornada – Morenoist wave sweeps through town halls and Congress of Edomex
La Jornada – Morenoist wave sweeps through town halls and Congress of Edomex

Toluca, Mex. The Morenoist wave once again swept the local City Council elections in the State of Mexico, even with a greater margin than that recorded six years ago. The party founded by Andrés Manuel López Obrador not only preserved the most populated municipalities that it already governed, such as Ecatepec, Neza, Chimalhuacán, Chalco, Valle de Chalco, Tecámac and Tultitlán, but now it took the capital Toluca and Tlalnepantla and the PAN from the PRI. Naucalpan and Cuautitlán Izcalli.

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In total, Morena won 63 of the 125 municipalities, but allies of the PVEM and PT also grew considerably, since the former has triumphed in 18 municipalities and the latter in 9, which means that between the three they will govern 90 districts.

According to the figures revealed by the Preliminary Electoral Results Program (PREP) with 93 percent of the polls counted, the PRI obtained its worst defeat in the history of the entity, as it only managed to win 20 municipalities. Not only did he lose Tlalnepantla and Toluca, but also La Paz, Atlacomulco, San Felipe del Progreso, Cuautitlán and several in the northern area, where he had greater electoral preference.

Among the municipalities that the tricolor was able to preserve are Coacalco, Amecameca, San Mateo Atenco, Tejupilco, Teotihuacán, Zinacantepec and Villa Victoria, which is the only municipality in the entity that has not experienced the alternation

The PAN only won Huixquilucan, Metepec, Chapa de Mota and Atizapán de Zaragoza and Tezoyuca, which it already governed, but lost Izcalli and Naucalpan.

Morena’s most representative victories occurred in Ecatepec, with Azucena Cisneros; in Toluca with Ricardo Moreno; in Naucalpan, with Isaac Montoya and in Cuautitlán Izcalli with Daniel Serrano.

The Morenistas, Xóchilt Flores will continue to govern Chimalhuacán and Adolfo Cerqueda, Nezahualcóyotl; Rosy Wong will govern Tecámac and Juana Carrillo Cuautitlán.

The surprise can be considered the PVEM, which had its best result in the history of the state of Mexico, as it had never managed to win so many municipalities, although half of its victories were through the alliance with Morena.

The PVEM will govern Almoloya e Juárez, Atlautla, Chapultepec, Ecatzingo, Huehuetoca, Hueypoxtla, Isidro Fabela, Jilotzingo, Joquicingo, Morelos, Ocoyoacac, Ozumba, Sultepec, Temamatla, Tenango del Aire, Tianguistenco, Villa Guerrero and San José del Rincón.

The PT will govern Amatepec, where the candidate Epímaco Vences achieved 81% of the votes; Axapusco, Calimaya, Chiconcuac, Ixtapan del Oro, Jiquipilco, San Simón de Guerrero and Zumpahuacán.

While the Citizen Movement triumphed in Malinalco, Ocuilan, Tepetlixpa, Tonatico and Xonacatlán; while the PRD was able to win in Ayapango, Cocotitlán and Texcaltitlán.

Finally, the local Nueva Alianza party won in Almoloya del Río and Texcalyacac.

Ensures status as first force in the local Congress

For the fifth consecutive election, Morena confirmed its status as the leading political force in the entity and assured control of the Legislative Power in the entity, since together with its allies from the PT and PVEM they achieved victory in 40 of the 45 electoral districts, which It ensures a legislature with a large majority in support of Governor Delfina Gómez Álvarez’s project.

The opposition was only able to win five districts, of which three were won by the PAN in 16 of Atizapán de Zaragoza, 17 of Huixquilucan and 18 of Tlalnepantla and two by the PRI: 29 of Naucalpan and 35 of Metepec.

Citizen Movement reached 10 percent of the vote in the State of Mexico, which means it will gain between seven and eight deputies in the next local legislature that begins its functions on September 5.

With 92 percent of the boxes counted, the Preliminary Electoral Results Program (PREP) indicates that Morena obtained 38.6 percent of the vote cast, that is, two million 936 thousand 747 votes.

The PRI remains the second political force in the entity, having counted one million 250 thousand 688 votes, which represents 16.4 percent of the votes.

The PAN also maintains its third place in the entity with 835,480 votes, which means 10.9 percent of the total vote.

Citizen Movement rises to the fourth political force in the entity with 10 percent of the votes, that is, more than 766 thousand votes in its favor.

They are followed by the PVEM, with 644 thousand votes (8.4 percent); the PT with 486 thousand votes (6.4 percent); PRD 307 thousand votes (4 percent) and Nueva Alianza that barely exceeded 107 thousand votes (1.4 percent).

It is noteworthy that with the few victories that the opposition obtained, the PAN members Francisco Román Cortes Año managed to enter, who is re-elected as deputy for the 16th district of Atizapán; Pablo Fernández Cevallos González (son of Diego Fernández de Cevallos) for district 17 of Huixquilucan and Krisnha Karina Romero Velázquez for district 18 of Tlalnepantla.

On behalf of the PRI, only Elías Rescala Jiménez – close to the defenestrated former governor Alfredo Del Mazo Maza – won his district, who won the victim in district 32 of Naucalpan, and Mariano Camacho San Martín, son of former governor César Camacho, for the district 35 of Metepec.

For Morena, María del Carmen de la Rosa Mendoza and Yanet Rojas, as well as Rigoberto Vargas Cervantes, achieved re-election as deputies. Also elected as deputies were the mayors of Chalco, José Miguel Gutiérrez Morales; from Tultitlán, Elena García Martínez; Armando Navarrete López, by Nicolás Romero and Valentín Martínez Castillo de Ozumba.

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