“The necessary ecological prophets”: June 5, World Environment Day | By José Azurmendi*

“The necessary ecological prophets”: June 5, World Environment Day | By José Azurmendi*
“The necessary ecological prophets”: June 5, World Environment Day | By José Azurmendi*

Prophet: person who announces the future by own or divine inspiration.

We are all part of it and we know through global news channels, documentaries, TV, the Internet, the written press, that in this de-territorialized world where knowledge “circulates” and communication creates new links, there are re-territorializations that are crossed by inequality and injustice where some very long-standing debts continue to consolidate and other new ones show the limit of some past unfulfilled dreams, to be fulfilled.

On today’s planet, the most explicit forms of violence are combined with other less explicit but equally devastating forms, such as certain forms of intolerant indifference to very undignified human relations, such as saying that humans prey in front of a microphone.

Grind up: annihilate the adversary by destroying his reasons and arguments, that is, reducing a thing to dust.

Examples: studies soil scientists and the agricultural and forestry model that degrades water resources during recent decades. Our country has promoted and supported a production model – both agricultural and forestry – based on large-scale monocultures. The result has been the massive use of pesticides, many of which are restricted or even prohibited in neighboring countries. The recent introduction of transgenic monocultures has implied a substantial increase in these substances.

Instead of decreasing, the use of agrochemicals increases water contamination by fertilizers and agrotoxics (fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, etc.). It is produced when they are dragged by water from crop fields to rivers and seas, where they enter food chains, causing the death of various life forms necessary for the balance of ecosystems.

As an example, we can mention that 20 liters of glysophate are applied to one hectare of transgenic soybeans, receiving three applications per harvest. If this figure is multiplied by around 400,000 hectares that were planted in the 2006-2007 harvest, it becomes clear that the contamination with this herbicide is enormous. To this it must be added that other highly toxic herbicides and insecticides banned in many countries around the world are also applied, such as 2,4-d, which was used during the Vietnam War.

In “Expectant Spring,” an article published in 1962 by Rachel Carson, the journalist asks readers to imagine a place where birds do not sing, chicks do not hatch, apple trees do not bear fruit, where cattle get sick and disappear. mysteriously in the fields. And children die in the parks. She then explains that that place is real. And that the culprit was a chemical compound, which occurred in the United States and other countries where artificial pesticides were used.

This marine biologist suffered harsh criticism to the point that the chemical industry and agricultural companies withdrew her scientific credentials. However, in 1972 a Kennedy administration study confirmed Carson’s report (justice was served). In that same year, the Department of Environmental Protection banned DDT (the most widely used poison that was denounced by Carson) and many other countries followed suit. Even so, the use of pesticides on food products continued to increase until today, denying the conditional spokespersons who shout the opposite in the media.

The young Norwegian Greta Thunberg: This ecological prophet is incisively named in a cloying way, that what she preaches is fallacious and that it is economically scripted (and if so, what would be the impediment to fighting for a healthier environment on this messy planet).

Thunberg was only 16 years old in 2019 when she stood in front of global leaders when opening the climate summits, speaking with substance and courage, rightly advising “Facta Non Verba” for this our planet.

Plastic, a heavy burden: for World Environment Day, which is commemorated on June 5, hour “h without plastic pollution.” While plastic has many valuable uses, the world’s population has become highly dependent on plastic that is disposable or is for single use only. With the serious environmental consequences that this entails, as an example, it is enough to consider that around 1 million plastic bottles are purchased every minute on the entire planet and that 500,000 million disposable plastic bags are used annually. What’s more, plastic that ends up in the oceans can surround the earth in a single year and is capable of remaining in that state for up to a thousand years before completely disintegrating.

One study says that a third of all plastic waste ends up in soil or fresh water. Most of this plastic disintegrates into particles smaller than five millimeters, known as microplastics. And these are further broken down into nanoparticles, which are beginning to enter food chains. These include tiny fibers of acrylic, nylon, spandex and polyester, which are released every time we wash our clothes and are carried through sewage networks to treatment plants or directly to the environment.

Let us humans have something in common that unites us and that is not catastrophes. Still with faith and hopes the image of the world of the globe, as Mafalda de Quino identified it, when she planned to put the south up and the north upside down. It arose from the hand of the European empires and the search for world domination by Western capitalism, polemicizing with “interested” detractors. These would have to admit that today there are more human beings who perceive “globalization”, that we are part of the same world, compared to those there were many decades ago.

Surely all humanity has a double standard. One that preaches and does not practice. And another who participates but does not preach.

*José Luis Azurmendi is a regular reader of Current Affairs. Construction worker, veteran athlete, lifelong reader, he likes to put his experiences and opinions on paper. And share them.

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