Laura Matamoros denies ‘Survivors’ with a harsh statement against the manipulation of the organization

Laura Matamoros denies ‘Survivors’ with a harsh statement against the manipulation of the organization
Laura Matamoros denies ‘Survivors’ with a harsh statement against the manipulation of the organization

Some contestants from Survivors They have complained about the organization of the current edition. Rocío Madrid and Ángel Cristo Jr. have been very severe in their comments, implying that everything would be scripted. The last one to launch these criticisms was the influencer Laura Matamoros.

Through a statement published on Instagram, Kiko Matamoros’ daughter has announced that she is completely disassociating herself from the program, and that her decision is accompanied by an urgent need to take care of her mental health.

What they have shown was not what Matamoros experienced

The content creator began her text by expressing her discontent after this second opportunity in Honduras, in which she was one of the worst contestants. “No one said this path would be easy, and I knew it. But I have given my best and also my worst,” she commented.

Laura, in addition to mentioning the difficulties of coexistence, has also taken a shot when talking about certain manipulations that would have been part of the contest: “Nor can I pretend to carry the backpack permanently loaded with responsibilities that on many occasions have not depended and do not depend on me. ”.

In this regard, he especially wanted to defend Kiko Jiménez, the last one expelled and one of the contestants who has played the most: “Kiko is not what he has shown himself to be like in recent weeks. I think we should do a little reflection and let Survivors “have a natural path and a fair winner.” Thus, the influencer has stressed that the organization is forcing certain plots that, according to her, are distorting the essence of the contest.

In this way, Laura Matamoros has indicated to the management of Survivors for how his image and that of his colleagues have been managed during the contest. ”From a perspective far from the contest, and from home, I see certain people act and continue with certain attitudes that do not correspond to the survival process,” she said.

In addition, he has clarified that his contest was much better than what the cameras showed, a comment that, without a doubt, gives a lot to think about the veracity of what is seen on the screen and how the organization of the reality show would be directing the contest so that certain contestants stand out and others, on the contrary, create conflict. Even so, she has acknowledged that she has also collaborated in this bad image: “With this I do not excuse my part of the blame in my attitudes.”

For this reason, Matamoros has emphasized the need to escape to recover his peace of mind, since his emotional well-being has been greatly affected after this experience. ”I need to disconnect and return to myself, my life and my peace of mind. Because I am a very fighting person in life, positive and above all emotional,” he said.

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