Gears of War E-Day will have Latin Spanish dubbing

There is no doubt that the return of Gears of War with E-Day will bring back much of what fans loved about the original trilogy and even in very specific details like the dubbingsince it was recently confirmed that the prequel will have a complete localization to Latin Spanish.

As revealed by the official specifications of Gears of War E-Day through Steam, the title will have menus, interface, subtitles and even voices with Spanish for Latin America just as happened with the original games during the Xbox 360 era.

Maybe few remember, but during the Xbox 360 era, Microsoft came to impose itself on the industry with complete localizations and dubbing to Latin Spanish of several of its strongest games such as Gears of War, Alan Wake, Fable and Halo 3, practice that became increasingly common until it is a standard today.

For that reason and taking Keep in mind that E-Day seeks appeal to players’ nostalgia originals, It makes all the sense in the world that E-Dat has dubbing, since it will be the cherry on top of the cake for a game that promises too much.

Are the original voices returning to Gears of War E-Day?

With the revelation that the title will have full localization into Latin Spanish, many have wondered if the original voices of both Marcus Fénix as Dominic Santiago They will be back for the prequel.

Although we will see younger versions of the characters, canonically it is necessary that both Sebastián Lapur and Ricardo Tejedo take up Marcus and Dom respectively, Well, in the spin-off Judgment, set a few days after Emergency Day, it shows the characters with their voices from the original trilogy.

Therefore, it is It is natural that both Lapur and Tejedo return to their charactersbut everything will depend on whether Microsoft reaches a good economic agreement that leaves the actors satisfied.

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