After Ángela and Nodal’s romance, Pepe Aguilar restricts comments on Instagram

With the wave of comments about his daughter’s romance Angela with Christian Nodal that they rained on Pepe Aguilar, where he read everything, the singer chose to close the comments on his Instagram account. From Japan, where he was celebrating the 27th anniversary of his marriage to his wife Aneliz, the “Fear” singer even responded and even displayed the reactions of his followers, several of them mocking and even offensive. “Mr. PepeI recommend not entering Tik Tok“, “Don Pepe, his daughter is relaxing in Mexico” or “I would also like to go on vacation every time my children water her” are some comments that were seen.

Mabel Cadena, the “Wakanda forever” actress, does not play along with the versions that she is in a relationship with a granddaughter of Roberto Gómez Bolaños “Chespirito.” When someone asks her about it, the actress who also starred in films like “Goddesses of Asphalt” and “The dance of 41” She says that she falls in love with life and celebrates love in all its forms and whatever labels anyone wants to put on it. And smiling, she follows her path.

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In the series, Mabel Cadena is a police officer who initially pursues a group of thieves, but ends up joining them. Photo: FICG / ANA CRISTINA RODRÍGUEZ

Najwa Nimri enjoys tequila, mezcal and Jalisco

On his visit to Guadalajara International Film Festivalthe actress Najwa Nimrithe relentless police of “La casa de papel” or the influencer investigator of “30 coins”, was shocked by the food, but more so by the drinks. And that’s because it was only now that she learned that tequila, one of her favorite drinks along with mezcal, is originally from Jalisco, where the distillers are located. There, the Spanish woman was able to taste it in its purest state. Could he have taken some bottles?

Photo: Instagram

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