How to continue seeing the “Likes” on X (Twitter), Elon Musk’s social network

How to continue seeing the “Likes” on X (Twitter), Elon Musk’s social network
How to continue seeing the “Likes” on X (Twitter), Elon Musk’s social network

The unofficial Old TweetDeck extension is again shown as a tool against the measures of Elon Musk’s team

The social network X has been in the news for limiting the visibility of “Likes”, something present in the application since its origin

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One of the most recent changes to X, the social network formerly called Twitter, is the disappearance of the “Likes” tab as a page visible to other users. A priori, this implies that each person can only see their own “Likes”, or those that receive their posts from other people, but in reality There is a way to continue seeing the “Likes” which still works without problem: the Old TweetDeck extension.

The Old TweetDeck extension, an unexpected ally

It is striking that the Old TweetDeck extensiona tool created for regain access to a TweetDeck that Elon Musk hooded, hiding it under the X Premium payment barrier, rises again as an ally in the face of change that many users did not want to have.

The Old TweetDeck Extension allows you to see users’ “likes”but it is also a very useful tool for manage more than one account simultaneously thanks to its design and its interface. All of this, furthermore, without the need to make any type of disbursement in X, and created by a reliable and secure team of developers.

How to continue viewing

Elon Musk has radically changed X, the social network formerly called Twitter

How to install Old Tweetdeck

Installing Old TweetDeck is simpler than it may seem at first glance. Logically, it is about an extension designed for desktop browsers and, as it is unofficial, the download must be done through Github at this link. There you will find different versions available, depending on the type of browser, whether based on Chromiumsuch as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera or others, or based on Mozilla Firefox, with its appropriate adapted instructions; Safari, however, cannot enjoy this support.

Once you have installed the extension in your trusted browser, you will only have to access the TweetDeck tab. There you will see a screen that, by “error”, does not charge you if you do not pay X Premium. There is no major problem, because at that moment you just have to press the extension button, and the TweetDeck menu will be activated, just as it was before Elon Musk’s intervention. Also, if you like the tool, you can make donations to its creatorswhich keep the service stable and active.

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The Old TweetDeck extension will allow access to the old TweetDeck, including Like interactions

With Old TweetDeck already up and running, you can now access the “Likes” of any user just by entering your profile and clicking on the corresponding tab. It’s always been a visible button, so for now on Old TweetDeck They will be able to continue seeing each other normally the “Likes” of any user, except if it is locked and you do not follow it, of course.

“Likes”, latest victim of Elon Musk’s changes

Since Elon Musk acquired Twitter in 2022, there have been innumerable changes that the South African tycoon has carried out on the social network: drastic staff reductions, complete branding changethe elimination of the verified to convert it into a payment badge, or the elimination of the circles, among many other things, made many users they will stop having trust in the platform. And the most recent, the elimination of public visibility of “Likes”.

Furthermore, as a result of the numerous changes, there have arisen new problems on the social network or other existing ones have worsened, such as proliferation of fraudulent botsinstability of the service, with frequent outages that make navigation difficult for several minutes, or the loss of stock market valuesomething that has caused Elon Musk himself to lose a fortune in assets.

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