Landslides and river flooding leave more than two thousand homes affected in Curanilahue

Landslides and river flooding leave more than two thousand homes affected in Curanilahue
Landslides and river flooding leave more than two thousand homes affected in Curanilahue

Curanilahue, in the Biobío Region, has been one of the most affected cities due to the frontal system that is being registered in our country, between the regions of Coquimbo and Los Ríos.

In that commune, three rivers have suffered overflows: the Las Ranas river, the Las Plegarias estuary and the Curanilahue river, which has left several homes damaged.

According to the Senapred report, at 1:01 p.m., some 2,000 homes ended up with damage as a result of landslides and the flooding of the Curanilahue River.

In fact, President Gabriel Boric, who is on tour in Europe, wrote in his X account that he continues to monitor the frontal system in the country. “I just spoke with the mayor of Curanilahue, Alejandra Burgos, who told me about the delicate situation in the commune, where we are already working as a government. I am in permanent contact with our teams, our ministers are on the ground and we are managing all the necessary resources to face this emergency. From here, we continue to monitor and work for Chile, because our relationships with the world are crucial for our development,” she wrote at around 1:10 p.m.

Vice President Carolina Tohá arrived at that commune, who toured part of the affected areas. She was there, in the company of the delegate in the region, Daniela Dresdner; the provincial delegate of Arauco, Humberto Toro; and the mayor of the commune, Alejandra Burgos, visited one of the shelters at 10.30. Then at 10:45 He met with residents of the sector.

But that was not the only commune affected in that region. In Arauco, as of this afternoon, 450 homes were registered with minor damage and 550 with damage to be evaluated. In Lebu, another 400 homes suffered minor damage due to flooding. In Alto Biobío, 299 people were isolated. In Coronel 369 were affected, while in Hualqui 320 people were left in the same condition.

Likewise, Senapred indicated that 87 establishments in the Biobío Region are structurally affected. Classes are suspended throughout the region until Friday, June 14.

The rains have been felt in other southern regions. For example, in Quillón, in the Ñuble Region, 28 homes ended up with minor damage. In that commune, three people were isolated in the Los Cruceros de Huacamalá and Santa Ana de Baúl sectors. Likewise, mass removal was recorded at kilometer 24 of Route N-48-W. However, in the communes of Quillón, Ránquil and San Nicolás, 251 clients were affected by the alteration of the drinking water supply.

Further south, in La Araucanía, the scenario was similar. In Cholchol 120 people were isolated. In that commune the collapse of the Malalche bridge was reported. In Galvarino, mass removal occurred on the road to the Vocolhue farm in the Rucatraro sector.

Finally, in Los Ríos, mass removals were recorded in various sectors in the communes of Valdivia and Mariquina. In addition, a sinkhole occurred on the Trumao road, in the Union commune.

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