Donald Trump’s terrible confession to Logan Paul about the existence of aliens: “I’ve talked to people…”

cWhen two such different personalities come together, the result can only have absolute relevance. Logan Paul and Donald Trump. Donald Trump and Logan Paul. Two of the most popular faces in America They have had a fairly relaxed chat for the fighter’s YouTube channel. They have talked about the future of the country, the war in Ukraine and Russia, aliens, Trump’s possible return to the White House…

In fact, this was the first issue they addressed. Logan Paul has labeled Trump a “martyr” and cannot understand how he continues to run for office. “You have received these convictions for serious crimes and many of them even more than Al Capone”, he told him. Although the former president is clear: “I want to make the United States great again.”

Another of the most relevant issues today is the war in Ukraine. Trump has claimed that if he were president, the war would never have started. “It’s a shame. So many dead. If we just look at the soldiers, there are half a million soldiers between both countries… A magnificent culture that is being annihilated,” explained the former US president.

Do aliens exist? Trump’s reflection that puts Logan Paul on alert

Without a doubt, this has been one of the topics on which Donald Trump has been most serious during the interview. The former president points out that he is not a believer, but that testimonies from very important people have made him think that “there is something flying up there.” “I’ve met people who are very serious,” he told Paul.

Furthermore, these testimonies have caused Trump to increasingly doubt what is real and what is a figment of his imagination. “It is very possible that there is something, and why wouldn’t there be? You look at the universe and you see all the different planets… Here we are on a relatively small planet. Why wouldn’t there be, on a planet that is 400 times larger, something, someone? “It seems credible to me.”Donald said.

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