Joe Biden is the protagonist of a new mistake at the G7 summit

Joe Biden is the protagonist of a new mistake at the G7 summit
Joe Biden is the protagonist of a new mistake at the G7 summit

At 81 years old, the president of the United States, Joe Biden, is known for his recurring lapses that many attribute to his age. The last anecdote took place this Thursday during the G7 summitwhich on this occasion is celebrated in Italy. The Democratic leader has distanced himself from the rest during a skydiving demonstration. The Italian neo-fascist president, Giorgia Melonihas come to his aid to return him to the group and take a photo with the rest of the leaders.

The video has gone viral in less than 24 hours. The scene took place in Apulia –southern Italy– together with the members of the G7. These are the prime minister of France, Emmanuel Macron; the president of Italy, Giorgia Meloni; the chancellor of germany Olaf Scholz; the prime minister of the United Kingdom, Rishi Sunak; the president of Canada, Justin Trudeau and the president of Japan, Fumio Kishida. In addition, they were accompanied by the president of the European Commission, Ursula Von der Leyen.

This has not been the only incident that Biden has been involved in this month. Just a week ago, on June 6, the president of the United States tried to sit in a non-existent chair during a commemoration event in France for the 80th anniversary of the Normandy’s landing.

The lapse took place after greeting the French president and his wife, Emmanuel and Briggite Macron. Biden crouched down to try to sit in a chair that, in reality, did not exist. To the astonishment of the leaders of France, the American’s wife, Jill Bidenwas the one who saved him this time, by taking him by the hand so that he could recompose his posture.

More recently, social media has also echoed Biden’s strange behavior during a concert at the White House, celebrated this June 10. While the rest of the guests danced, the head of the US Executive seemed completely frozen for a few minutes. The video has given rise to a multitude of jokes on social networks.

Last February, a report by special counsel Robert Hur came to light, which identified Joe Biden as an elderly man with a “significantly limited memory.” The president is the oldest to have governed in the history of the United States, after Ronald Reagan. If she is re-elected president this November, she will finish her term at 86 years old.

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