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Due to the flooding, several drivers had to be rescued from their vehicles.

Mariela de Diego 06/14/2024 08:00 5 min

The rains that affect the south of the Florida peninsula Since the beginning of the week they have not let up and the images on social networks are impressive.

During Wednesday and Thursday, between 150 and 170 mm of rain fell in Miami Beach, and in some areas Precipitation exceeded 450 millimeters since the event began. On Tuesday, in Sarasota, west of the peninsula, it rained 99 millimeters in just one hour, which is a record value.

Streets and highways became authentic rivers, with cars and drifting objects. Several vehicles were submerged up to the windshield and their drivers had to be rescued by assistance personnel.

“We had to use our boats to rescue people who were standing on the roofs of cars“Michael Kane, fire chief of Hallandale Beach, where 500 millimeters of rain fell and 175 emergency calls were received, told CNN.

Hospitals, schools, airports and other essential infrastructure They are being affected by the high levels of water, which in some points reaches a meter high and makes the work of emergency agencies, dedicated to draining water from the main traffic routes, difficult.

Dozens of flights were canceled at the Miami and Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood international airports, and several sporting events had to be suspended due to the storm.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis declared the state of emergency for the counties from Broward, Collier, Lee, Miami-Dade and Sarasota. The bad weather situation affects about 8 million people. So far no fatalities have been reported.

Also, from the local National Weather Service (NWS) office They asked residents to avoid traveling on the streets and highways, and seek shelter on high ground.

More rain and flood alerts

This Thursday, the National Weather Service issued a red alert for flash floods for several areas of the peninsula, including the city of Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Naples.

The organism anticipates more precipitation for this Friday and for the weekend. Due to the amount of water that has already fallen and the state of the streets and land, the high risk of flooding and the alert level remain. The local NWS headquarters warned that even light rain could cause new flooding.

Precipitation originates from a storm system moving from the Gulf of Mexico over the Florida peninsula. The National Hurricane Center clarified that the system had a very low chance of becoming a tropical cyclone.

According to local meteorologist Noah Bergren, an event of this magnitude can occur, statistically, once every thousand years in this region of the United States, which is why it is considered a very exceptional event. In this sense, it is also rare for the highest alert level to be issued, reserved, on average, for only 4% of the days in a year.

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