Justice suspended the increase in gas rates in Tierra del Fuego

Justice suspended the increase in gas rates in Tierra del Fuego
Justice suspended the increase in gas rates in Tierra del Fuego

The Federal Chamber of Comodoro Rivadavia confirmed that gas increases will be suspended in Tierra del Fuego, after validating the precautionary measure presented by Judge Mariel Borruto, and ratified that Camuzzi will not be able to cut off the supply to users due to non-payment of the last two invoices that reached higher increases. 1000 percent.

The ruling made public in recent hours is about “guarantee the continuity of the supply of an essential public service, closely linked to the quality of life of the population for a short periodsince the validity of this precautionary protection has been duly established and its end will occur in a short time.”

The decision is primarily humanitarian in nature in pursuit of the protection of the population., and as such it seems reasonable; It does not prevent the defendants from continuing with the billing diagram and even less can we understand that the historical collectibility index of previous periods can be projected without modifications in the face of the significant increase in billing in all services. And its consequent impact on the current expenses that a typical family must face monthly. Even less, that this allows us to discard the precautions of origin of this type of measures,” highlights the resolution of judges Javier Leal de Ibarra and Aldo Suárez.

Besides orders to reject the complaint appeal sent by the National Government against the collective protection presented on May 31 which grants with revolutive effects the appeal requested by him, therefore They will not be able to cut off the gas supply to users who could not afford the costs of the last two tariffs..

Confirm in the terms above the measure expressed in interim precautionary considerations that orders the defendants to give instructions to Camuzzi Gas del Sur SA to refrain from carrying out cuts or suspension of the supply of gas service due to non-payment of billing. issued from the tariff table ordered by Resolutions SE N°41/24 and 122/24 of ENARGAS. In relation to the users and consumers of the public gas service through networks of the “Tierra del Fuego” tariff subzone, the validity of which was established in point 2 of the device placed in crisis,” he concludes.

The Governor of Tierra del Fuego, Gustavo Melellapublicly highlighted the resolution of the Federal Chamber of Comodoro Rivadavia to reject the complaint appeal presented by the national government against the interim precautionary measure that was ordered by the Federal Court in Río Grande.

“This measure had been ordered in response to the collective appeal that we presented on May 23 due to the excessive increase in the gas rate in our province. The initiative, which had the support of thousands of neighbors and various social, political, and union institutions, continues its course. Meanwhile, the Camuzzi Gas del Sur company must refrain from cutting or suspending gas service to Fuegian users due to non-payment,” the president stressed.

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