When and who will collect the extra summer pension pay 2024

When and who will collect the extra summer pension pay 2024
When and who will collect the extra summer pension pay 2024

In June, retirees and pensioners have a reason to rejoice: in addition to receiving their usual monthly pension, since along with it they will obtain the extra summer pay.

Increase in pensions by 2024

It is important to remember that in 2024, retirement pensions have experienced an increase of 3.8%. Furthermore, non-contributory pensions and the Minimum Income have increased by 6.9%, while widow’s pensions have seen a notable increase of 14.1%.

Date of payment of pension and extra pay for June 2024

This month, pension and extra pay payments will be made together around June 24, which falls on a Monday. Social Security generally pays these pensions between the 1st and 4th of each month. However, the exact date of deposit may vary depending on the pensioner’s bank. Typically, payment is made between the 21st and 26th of each month, with some banks advancing the deposit.

Pension payment dates in June 2024

Most banking entities will begin to make deposits starting the week before June 24 and during the week itself, specifically between June 22 and 27. It is common for there to be a variation of two or three days in the payment date between different banks, especially if it coincides with holidays or weekends, as is the case on this occasion with June 23 and 24.

According to the portal HelpMyCashthe pension payment dates for June 2024 are as follows:

  • Bankinter: June 21
  • CaixaBank: June 24
  • Cajamar: June 26
  • Ibercaja: June 25
  • ING: June 25
  • BBVA: June 25
  • Unicaja: June 25
  • Kutxabank: June 26
  • Sabadell: June 24
  • Abanca: June 26
  • Santander: June 24
  • Evo Banco: June 26 onwards

Which pensioners with permanent disabilities receive extra pay

Social Security has recalled that not all pensioners who receive a permanent disability benefit will receive the extra June payment. It is important that beneficiaries verify their situation to know if they are entitled to this additional remuneration.

According to the General Social Security Law, of almost one million pensioners in Spain who receive disability benefits, only a small part will receive the extra summer pay. This matter is related to the accrual of pensions. Generally, pensions are distributed in 14 payments, including two extra payments. However, in the case of disability benefit, there is an exception to this rule. In this way, pensioners with permanent disability due to injury or illness will not receive extra pay in summer.

According to the regulations themselves, “when they arise from a work accident or occupational disease, they are paid in 12 payments, since the extraordinary payments are prorated in the ordinary monthly payments.” However, it must be remembered that this does not mean that they receive less money, but rather that they receive their annual benefit in 12 payments instead of 14.

Meanwhile, only pensioners who receive disability benefit due to a common illness or non-occupational accident are entitled to the extra pay. “When the pension derives from a common illness or non-occupational accident, it is paid in 14 payments (monthly with two extraordinary payments),” reports Social Security. “It is revalued annually and has guaranteed minimum monthly amounts. The pension is subject to personal income tax (IRPF), with pensions for absolute permanent disability and severe disability being exempt from withholding tax,” he adds.

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