Learn to survive with the Death Game Hotel tutorial

Swery65 and his team White Owls Inc They don’t stop. In addition to preparing Hotel Barcelona, He also wants to make the leap to Virtual Reality. Last year they announced Death Game Hotel, which promises to be a very particular multiplayer experience, where we bet not only virtual money, but also our own limbs. How can we play without eyes? And without hands? It may not be something we like to know in real life, but it can create a unique experience in VR.

I thought the game was going to be poker, but thanks to the new tutorial, we can now really see how to play. Everything revolves around filling some chalices, which we must fill in with chips, but without going overboard. The capacity of each chalice is unknown, with only us knowing the size of our chalice. This will force us to bluff and deceive so that others pass. Does that happen several times? Death will end up appearing, putting everything on the table in that final round, where our body is at stake.

There will be other additional rules that will add more chicha, but of course, Death Game Hotel It promises to be a simple game but with a lot of fun thanks to social interactions. We don’t have a release date yetbut given this tutorial, it is to be hoped that it will not take long for us to enjoy it in Meta Quest.

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