A drunk driver crashed a motorcycle and made it fly over the guardrail: the shocking video

The victim died instantly after being hit by one of the vehicles traveling on the opposite side of the Camino del Buen Ayre.

Fatal accident on the Camino del Buen Ayre. Photo: Capture.

The tragic event occurred this Thursday in the Camino del Buen Ayre. A 28-year-old man who was traveling on a motorcycle He died instantly as a result of a collision with a drunk driver.that its impact made him cross the guardrail and then being hit by a car from the opposite hand.

The man who was behind the wheel with a strong blood alcohol level was identified as Carlos Andrés Dip43 years old, who was delayed by the road incident that caused and cost the life of the victimidentified as Pablo Ariel Santillán.

Tragic accident on the Camino del Buen Ayre. Video: Twitter Factsandright.

The event was recorded on security cameras, which show the tragic sequence in just seconds. The motorcyclist was traveling in the left lane without any risk. However, the Renault Stepway that the drunk man was driving He lost control, collided with a Peugeot Partner and was thrown against the highway protections.although the worst did not end there.

The man on the motorcycle passed by there., who did not have time to avoid it and suffered damage from the impact, since both he and his motorcycle were thrown over the guardrail. Like little, There he met the cars that were coming from the opposite direction.especially with a Toyota Corolla.

Fatal accident on the Camino del Buen Ayre. Photo: Capture.

The man behind the wheel of the Toyota He had no way to avoid it and ran over Santillán, who died instantly from the impact. and the accident. The images that were recorded also show how the cars passing by the place must avoid the body that remained lying on the ground without any reaction.

National Road Safety Day. Photo: NA

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Legal actions against drunk drivers

The driver of the Renault tested positive for breathalyzer with 1.97 grams of alcohol in the blood, for which he was charged with manslaughter. At the moment, is at the disposal of the prosecutor Marcelo Tavolarofrom the Decentralized UFI No. 1 of Ituzaingó.

For his part, the man behind the wheel of the Toyota was released and does not face charges, since he had no responsibility in the accident.

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