First edition of World Lambrusco Day will be held in Matera

First edition of World Lambrusco Day will be held in Matera
First edition of World Lambrusco Day will be held in Matera

The world of wine is preparing for a milestone, with the upcoming celebration of the International Lambrusco Wine Day. This event celebrates the most popular red sparkling wines on the planet. It takes place through a series of events over three days, after the summer solstice.

A worldwide celebration

The Tutela Lambrusco Consortium will host the first Italian edition of the World Lambrusco Day event, which will be held in Matera from June 20 to 22. Among the highlighted elements, they will highlight the association between Lambrusco wines and local foods. In addition, there will be opportunities to taste wines from the Basilicata region and pairings between Emiliane labels and traditional dishes from the host region.

There will be no shortage of opportunities to try more than 70 different types of Lambrusco wines at tasting tables, where producers will be present to share the varied offering that this Lambrusco universe has to offer the market.

Likewise, wine fans and enthusiasts will be able to share their toasts based on Lambrusco wines through social networks using the hashtag #wld_lambrusco.

In addition to Lambrusco

Furthermore, in mid-June, the bubbles of Lessini Durello, an indigenous sparkling wine born in the hills between Vicenza and Verona, will be the protagonists in Piazza dei Signori in Vicenza during the second edition of Pizza in Piazza.

Likewise, other events will be held to highlight the rich Italian wine culture, such as Aromatica, which will take place on June 15 and will focus on the aromatic aspect of the region’s wines. The first edition of Asolo Montello Fest will also take place from June 20 to 23, offering tastings of local products and wines from the region.

Ultimately, these festivities promise to be a display of the rich Italian wine culture, focusing on both the most popular varieties, such as Lambruscoas in other more local wines, which will give participants a deep insight into the diversity of Italian wine production.

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