Spanish banks will pay the extra summer pension payment in June

Spanish banks will pay the extra summer pension payment in June
Spanish banks will pay the extra summer pension payment in June

Pensioners in Spain are preparing to receive the summer extra pay along with your ordinary monthly payment in June 2024. According to estimates provided by the country’s main banking entities, payments will be made between June 21 and 26coinciding with the usual payment policy on the 25th of each month or, if necessary, adapting to the specific calendar of each bank.

Social Security has confirmed that this extra payment will be equivalent to an ordinary monthly pension payment, benefiting those who have their pension domiciled in banks such as Bankinter, CaixaBank, Banco Santander, Banco Sabadell, Ibercaja, ING, Unicaja, Cajamar, KutxaBank and Evo Banco. Here are the estimated payment dates:

  • Bankinter: Friday, June 21st.
  • CaixaBank: Monday June 24.
  • Santander Bank: Monday June 24.
  • Sabadell Bank: Monday June 24.
  • Ibercaja: Tuesday June 25.
  • ING: Tuesday June 25.
  • Single box: Tuesday June 25.
  • Cajamar: Wednesday June 26.
  • KutxaBank: Wednesday June 26.
  • Evo Bank: Wednesday June 26.

The extraordinary summer pay is granted in accordance with the Spanish pension system, which distributes contributory pensions in 14 annual payments: twelve monthly and two extraordinary, one in June and another in November. For example, a pensioner who receives a contributory pension of 1,200 euros per month will also receive an extra payment of 1,200 euros in June.

For the non-contributory pensionsadministered by the Institute of Seniors and Social Services (IMSERSO), the extra pay for June will also be equivalent to the ordinary monthly payment, which for 2024 is 517.90 euros. This implies that the beneficiaries of these pensions will receive an extra payment of 517.90 euros.

The Social Security reminds pensioners that the amount of the extra pay is proportional to the time in which they have had the pension recognized during the previous semester. Therefore, those who have started receiving their pension during the last six months may have their pension adjusted. extraordinary payment based on its accrual period.

If you have any questions about the payment date or the amount of the extra pay, pensioners are recommended to contact Contact your bank directly to obtain specific information about your entity. This procedure ensures that all beneficiaries can plan their deposits and enjoy the extra pay without any inconvenience.

The next extraordinary payment will take place in November 2024complying with the same conditions and procedures established for summer pay, as stipulated in current regulations. For more details, interested parties can consult the Social Security website or contact their usual bank.

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