US Supreme Court strikes down Trump-era ban on rifle automations

US Supreme Court strikes down Trump-era ban on rifle automations
US Supreme Court strikes down Trump-era ban on rifle automations

WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday struck down a ban on rifle automation implemented under Donald Trump, in a decision that puts firearms back in the political spotlight.

The high court’s conservative majority found that the Trump administration exceeded its powers when it banned automations, which allow a number of shots comparable to those of a machine gun. The ban was implemented after a gunman attacked a country music festival in Las Vegas with semi-automatic rifles equipped with such accessories.

The attacker fired more than 1,000 bullets into the crowd in 11 minutes, wounding hundreds of people and killing dozens.

The decision puts guns back at the center of the political conversation, albeit with an unusual twist, as Democrats lamented the reversal of an action taken by a Republican administration, and many Republicans supported the ruling.

The opinion, authored by Justice Clarence Thomas and endorsed by a 6-3 majority, found that the Justice Department was wrong in stating that automationrs transformed semi-automatic rifles into illegal machine guns because, he wrote, every time they were Press the trigger in quick succession, still firing a single shot.

The ruling highlighted the limits of executive reach, and two justices, conservative Samuel Alito and liberal Sonia Sotomayor, separately highlighted how Congress could provide a more lasting policy, if there was the political will to act accordingly. bipartisan.

Originally, imposing a ban through regulation rather than legislation during Trump’s presidency took pressure off Republicans to act after the massacre and another mass shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida. The possibility of passing firearms restrictions in the current Congress is minimal.

President Joe Biden, who supports restrictions on firearms, called on Congress to reinstate the ban imposed under the regime of his political adversary. Meanwhile, Trump’s campaign team expressed respect for the ruling and then expressed his support for the National Rifle Association.

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