How much do you have to charge to be able to apply for electricity and gas subsidies?

After the removal of subsidies implemented by the Government and the reduction of assisted consumption limits, electricity and gas bills will experience significant increases. However, Residential users with incomes of less than $2,898,553 per month still have the possibility of requesting subsidies through the Registry of Access to Energy Subsidies (RASE).

The subsidy segmentation scheme, in force since 2022, divides users into three categories according to their income. The homes of high income (N1) must pay more for energy, while those with low (N2) and middle income (N3) receive bonuses on their rates, with a consumption limit. Currently, family income to not be able to apply for subsidies must be equivalent to 3.5 basic baskets, that is, $2,898,553 monthly. In certain provinces in the south of the country, This threshold amounts to $3,536,235.47.

For those interested in maintaining the subsidies, the process is mandatory and is carried out through the website It is necessary to have on hand the meter number, the Customer/Service/Account/Contract or NIS number of the electricity and gas bills, the DNI, the CUIL of each member of the household over 18 years of age, the pocket income of each member and an email address. If the home functions as a community dining room or picnic area, you must have the Renacom registration number.

Middle-income users (N3) have incomes between $828,158 and $2,898,553, and they can own up to two properties and one vehicle less than three years old. Low-income households (L2) must have income less than $828,158 and can own up to one property. There are exceptions for households with a cohabitant with Single Disability Certificate (CUD) and those where a community kitchen operates.

Since June, the Government has adjusted subsidies for low- and middle-income sectors, reducing assisted consumption limits. Nevertheless, The segmentation and subsidy allocation scheme remain unchanged. Therefore, it is crucial that users who meet the requirements register to continue benefiting from these bonuses and avoid large increases in their next electricity and gas bills.

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