Rodrigo Bentancur remembered a mistake in Boca that made him not leave his house for a week

Rodrigo Bentancur remembered a mistake in Boca that made him not leave his house for a week
Rodrigo Bentancur remembered a mistake in Boca that made him not leave his house for a week

Rodrigo Bentancur remembered when, at the age of 18, he made a serious mistake at Boca Juniors that made him not leave his house for a week. The current midfielder for Tottenham Hotspur and the Uruguayan National Team also spoke about the 2022 World Cup in Qatarand commented on the extra training he has been doing for seven years.

In for the t-shirt (Channel 10 of Uruguay), Lolo was asked how he receives the criticism that a footballer can receive on social networks: “At first he gave more attention to the topic of Twitter and Instagram.”

And then he recalled a specific play by match between Boca and San Lorenzo played in September 2015 in La Bombonera: “He was giving me a great game and at the end I went down to look for a ball from a ball serve; I gave the pass inside and the forward from San Lorenzo (Mauro Matos) came out and nailed us.”.

With that goal, San Lorenzo won 1 to 0. Bentancur stated: “I didn’t go out all week, I only went out to train. I went to night school and I didn’t go because you put on Netflix and that play came out.”

“I also think that the bad thing about football is black or white, there are no grays. Now, for example, I laugh with the played against Portugal in the World Cup in Ghana“But there are people who want to kill you and I would give anything to have scored that goal,” said the midfielder who, on the second date of the group stage, made a sensational individual play against the European team, but could not beat goalkeeper Diogo. Costa in the match that Portugal ended up winning 2 to 0.

On the last date of the last World Cup, Uruguay beat Ghana, although it was not enough to qualify for the round of 16. “Against Ghana I was tornI went out because it was 35 minutes away and I thought that if I went out at that time it would save me from something more serious happening, and If we qualified it was to keep my mouth shut, my leg would fall asleep anyway and I would play”Bentancur said.

And he added: “I had broken my adductor five centimeters and had almost grabbed the tendon, if I had played I would break everything and who knows. People don’t know that capable part, nor was I interested in them knowing it. But ta, from the outside it is easy but nothing happens.”

In turn, the Tottenham midfielder said that he continues training in the afternoon after having worked in the morning at the English club: “I train every day on my own with my uncle who studied to be a coach and physical trainer. He is my old man’s best friend, and he has known me since I was born, his daughter is my best friend. We have been working together since shortly before arriving in Europe, it has been seven years now.”

Finally, Bentancur said that he has two tattoos in tribute to his mother and that the number 30 on his club shirts is due to her birthday: “That’s why I never changed it. In Boca it was a coincidence that they gave me that number, and that was it. That’s why I continue using it, and if I can I will continue using it.”

A few weeks ago, the Uruguayan had spoken about losing his mother when he was a child, and how he always felt her support throughout his career.

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