Mom and daughter knew how to manage time at Escape Perfecto

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By: Carolina Loaiza | TV Azteca Digital

June 14, 2024

Perfect Escape

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For the second couple of the day, Xóchitl and Amara, mother and daughter, showed up, who never lacked laughter for the pleasure of being in the forum. Surviving the first question with great success, they decided to continue the game to win the Set on Wheels, so they were assigned the fun challenge of ‘The Hamster’. While Xóchitl stayed upstairs with Marco Antonio Regil to answer the questions, Amara was with Carlos Espejel running for the prizes and facing the Hamster challenge. Only on the third question did he open the box and manage to take the card inside. Find out if they managed to finish their challenge and get the Set on Wheels they wanted so much!

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