The uncomfortable moment between Marina Calabró and Rolando Barbano in Radio’s Martín Fierro

The uncomfortable moment between Marina Calabró and Rolando Barbano in Radio’s Martín Fierro
The uncomfortable moment between Marina Calabró and Rolando Barbano in Radio’s Martín Fierro

The delivery of the Martín Fierro from Radio took place on Sunday, June 16, and was the scene of a awkward moment between Marina Calabro and Rolando Barbano.

Marina Calabro won the award for Best Entertainment Columnist for his work in Lanata sinfilter (Radio Miter) and prior to receiving his statuette, He hugged Barbano and gave him a warm kiss on the back of his neck.

“I swear to you that I was convinced that I was losing. (Marcela) Taurus I want to share it with you before anyone else, because you are enormous, in addition to being an example for all of us, iconic, you are the best companion that one can have, and you are a beautiful friend who has helped me through bad times like no one else. So it’s for you, for the talented Pia Shaw, who checks, checks and checks; for Tamara Pettinato, don’t give it to anyone again. terna, how you deserved to win it that time. And I love your work, I always tell you,” he began in his speech.

Marina Calabró’s speech for her work at Radio Miter at the Martín Fierro Radio Awards

“I want to dedicate it to Jorge Lanata, who is recovering, who has allowed me to work freely for nine seasons. To all my colleagues, to that beautiful table, Negrita Verón, Andrea Rodríguez… to Rolando,” he added.

Among the thanks to her family and friends, the panelist decided to give a love letter and dedicated the award to her -ex-partner- Rolando Barbano: “Thank you APTRA. And I want to share it and dedicate it to my love…yes, to you, Rolando,” finished.

While Calabró gave his speech, the camera focused on the journalist making gestures of denial and discomfort at the exposure. The situation did not improve when it was his turn to win a statuette.

Rolando Barbano won the Martín Fierro for Best Police Columnist and when he got up to receive the statuette, he kissed Marina on the forehead and went on stage with his son.

“For me it is very important at this moment to receive this award with my son Rocco, to whom I dedicate it. I dedicate it to my daughter Nina, who is at home; to my dear old man, who is surely watching me; to my mother, my sister, my friends, and the people of 271″, He ended his speech without any thanks or mention of Calabro.

Rolando Barbano’s speech at the Martín Fierro Radio Awards

That’s how Barbano came off the stage being booed by those present, who expected a show of love similar to that of the entertainment journalist.

The cameras did not hesitate to focus on Calabró while she was seen uncomfortable and hugging her colleague at the moment, which soon went viral on social networks.

It didn’t take long for the memes to appear at this uncomfortable moment. (X by Marian Herrera)
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