Maluma’s beautiful words on his first Father’s Day: “This doll changed my life” – Children

Maluma’s beautiful words on his first Father’s Day: “This doll changed my life” – Children
Maluma’s beautiful words on his first Father’s Day: “This doll changed my life” – Children

Maluma He has just experienced one of the most significant celebrations of his life and, no, it is not related to his musical career. Last March, the Colombian artist welcomed his daughter, Paristogether with his partner Susana Gomez, for whom he feels deep admiration and pride. The couple has been extremely careful about their daughter’s privacy. Although they have occasionally shared some details about her life on social networks, They have never shown the little girl’s faceto, protecting your privacy to the maximum. Nor have they done so now, on a day as significant as Father’s Day, which the artist has celebrated in a very special way, in Paris, the city where his daughter was conceived and which inspired her name.

“We took our princess to see her castle (No princes for now)”the artist wrote on his social networks a day before the celebration, showing his enthusiasm and love for this special moment in his first celebration as a new father.


Three months ago, the artist’s life underwent a radical change. Yesterday, on his Father’s Day in the United States, he recalled with joy the moment he received his little girl: “The day everything changed… Congratulations to all the fathers on their day, especially mine, I love you old man!”

Furthermore, he wanted to share this beautiful day with all his followers, surrounded by the women in his life. “My people, thank you all very much for your messages and congratulations. This is my first Father’s Day and it is a beautiful feeling; It is the best thing that has happened to me in my life. I love them, this doll changed my life. Thank you for wishing me a wonderful day, I enjoyed it to the fullest. May there be many more“, he expressed through his temporary stories, in a video where he appears with his little girl in his arms.

In addition, he wanted to send a message of support to all those fathers and mothers who live parenthood alone: ​​”Happy day to all the fathers and mothers who had to be fathers at the same time.“.


The singer is slowly adapting to his new role as a father, which fills him with inspiration and motivation. As a result of which he has also written “some of the best lyrics of his life.”

I also want to tell you that I have worked, when they say that babies come with inspiration and blessings, it is very true, too true. I have creativity at another level and I am preparing myself. I feel the greatest motivation I have ever had in my life. I want to write the best songs in the world. I want to make amazing music. I want to tell the best stories to my daughter. Truly, what is coming is not easy, believe me. I am very excited to know what is coming but on the other hand I also couldn’t pass without thanking you for your love, thank you very much. Stay tuned for what’s coming,” he confessed after becoming a father.

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