Father, mother and son died in a terrible accident in Cumaral, Meta: three cars were involved

Father, mother and son died in a terrible accident in Cumaral, Meta: three cars were involved
Father, mother and son died in a terrible accident in Cumaral, Meta: three cars were involved

cFour people, three of them from the same family, died due to an accident on roads in the municipality of Cumaral (Meta). A truck, a taxi and a motorcycle were involved in the accident.

According to the Cumaral Firefighters report, the multiple crash was reported on the outskirts of the town, near the Municipal Cemetery, during the night of this Sunday, June 16.

Accident in Cumaral.

Photo:Cumaral Volunteer Fire Department

When you arrive at the place, The fire units confirmed that three people had lost their lives. One was trapped in the truck.

“It was necessary to carry out vehicle extrication with hydraulic equipment to rescue the lifeless body of the driver of the turbo,” he said.

The authority provided pre-hospital care to the injured and transported them to the hospital. However, despite medical efforts and due to the severity of the injuries, a woman died.

The accident occurred on the outskirts of Cumaral, Meta.

Photo:Cumaral Volunteer Fire Department

“Unfortunately, two adults lost their lives at the scene, minutes later a minor and hours later an adult woman. In total four people died,” he said.

In addition, the Volunteer Fire Department expressed solidarity after what happened: “We hope for a speedy recovery for the affected people.”

This is the family that died in an accident in Cumaral, Meta

Authorities are investigating the causes of the multiple accident.if it was a matter of mechanical failures of any of the vehicles involved or any violation of traffic regulations.

The driver of the truck was identified as Edgar Enrique Sabogal. For its part, The family that was traveling on a motorcycle was José María Ramírez, Rossmerlly Cárdenas Ruiz and their 10-year-old son.

Family that died in an accident in Cumaral.

Photo:Social networks

The taxi driver is recovering in a care center.

Motorcyclists, the biggest victims of accidents in Colombia

2,666 people have died in traffic accidents in Colombia, from January to April 2024, according to data from the National Road Safety Agency. From the aforementioned number, 1,613 have been motorcyclists, that is, they are the largest victims of accidents in the country.

1,613 motorcyclists have died in Colombia due to accidents from January to April 2024.


“Motorcyclists are part of the most vulnerable road actors on the roads and beyond numbers, they are families who lose their loved ones in mobility,” said Mariantonia Tabares Pulgarín, general director of the Agency, on a past occasion.

Hence, the Agency constantly calls on drivers to respect traffic regulations, not exceed speed limits and check vehicles before embarking on a trip, in order to protect the lives of all road actors.


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